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Miss Sophia's Diary

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Miss Sophia
19 February 1977
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  • miss_sophia@livejournal.com
Miss Sophia...

* is a mommy to a beautiful little 2-year-old girl and a little boy to be born in October 2010 :)
* is a Harry Potter fan
* loves Sirius Black
* loves crack
* writes, reads, and enjoys missing-moment and alternative-POV genfic
* is sick of shipping and slash
* is a fanfic writer
* is a reccer of crack!fic
* is a Homestar Runner fan (Strong Bad/Homsar OTP!...OK, just kidding; Sirius/Homsar is way better...and has JENGA)
* is a mod at hogwarts_hocus
* is a Hermione Granger lookalike (but with better hair...poor Hermione just needed good product, that's all)

Friending policy: Feel free to friend. If I want to keep up with your journal, I'll probably friend you back. :) For security reasons, I've been posting all my stuff, with the exception of fanfic, as friends only for a couple of years now, so if I haven't friended you and you want me to, feel free to send me a message and I'll see what I can do. :)

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