Meghan - :D


Best night ever from Meghan. I think we put her to bed around 8:30, and except for a minor mishap at maybe 10- or 11-something,* she didn't get up until almost 6:15! That's almost 10 hours! Of course, she barely napped yesterday, so perhaps she finally wore herself out. I'm convinced she's a cyborg, given that she subsists on way less sleep than most children get and, even at 8.5 months, doesn't eat a whole lot at a time when it comes to solids. Maybe her human side is taking over her robot side? GOD, I HOPE SO. I went to bed around 1 last night, so even though that was sort of late, I still got over 5 hours in a row -- nearly unheard of for me these days! Yay!!!

* In which a crib toy that plays music was not set to the off position, so when she accidentally moved against it in her sleep, it suddenly started playing music (to the tune of "Old McDonald's Farm": "See the animals on the farm, just for you! Hear the animals making sounds, baaaa, oink, mooooo!", which came through the baby monitor and scared the crap out of me, because I couldn't initially figure out where it was coming from. When I realized what had happened, I raced to her room to turn the thing off before it could disrupt her, but when I got in there, the room reeked of poo, leading to my discovery that at some point -- probably just after I had put her to bed -- she had filled her diaper. There was no way I was going to let her sleep in that, so I changed it and then put her back down in her crib. She had woken up partially by then and didn't like being put down, so I quickly washed my hands and disposed of the diaper and then picked her up for about 30 seconds. After a hug and some kisses, I put her back down, and after about 30 seconds of complaining on her part, she went back to sleep. So yes, just a minor mishap, quickly dispensed with. Amazing!
BPAL bottles

My tale of Yuletide

Black Phoenix Trading Post (sister company of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) is once again doing a Yuletide Inquisition. In this one, you tell a tale of Yuletide past, present, future, or "bah humbug" and pay $45, and in return you get a 4 oz atmosphere spray and a 5 mL bottle of perfume oil.

My tale is one that encompasses all four elements: past, present, future, and "bah humbug." But because its heart is in the past, I requested the Goblin of Yuletide Past to visit me. And because I really like it, I am posting it here.

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Sirius/Homsar - all about the Jenga

Dammit, memes, stop being funny!

So after you do the Twelve Days of LiveJournal meme, there's another meme that it prompts you for, and I wasn't going to do it. But then spicedogs posted a direct link to it in her journal, and once again, the whim overtook me. And I was faaaar too amused with the results not to post them.

In 2008, miss_sophia resolves to...
Backup my homsar regularly.
Buy new crack pairings.
Connect with my inner lost.
Go to trogdor every Sunday.
Stop reading with alabastardragon.
Give some douglas adams to charity.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Does backing up my Homsar require the purchase of a new Jenga set? Are my crack pairings getting stale (nooooo, Sirius/Homsar, say it ain't so!), or is it just that one should always be entitled to a new crack pairing every now and again? If so, I definitely want one half of the pairing to be Edward Cullen. Homsar/Edward, perhaps? Or Santa/Edward, for the interminable staring contest that would be their foreplay? (Hey, that'd suit Edward just fine, given that there's no sex in his champagne room.) Does my inner LOST have its own beard, or perhaps a donkey wheel? More importantly, DOES IT HAVE ANY ANSWERS, OR JUST MORE QUESTIONS? Does going to Trogdor every Sunday entail getting burninated? Are there any consummate V's involved? But wait a minute, I refuse to stop reading with alabastardragon! He's a perfectly good reading partner, thankyouverymuch, and he never forces me to take notes! But I can deal with giving some Douglas Adams to charity. People in need require humor and quirky prose, not just canned goods, secondhand clothes, and cashmoney.

I think I just might be easily amused. Carry on.
Twilight - sparklepeen for Xmas

OK, I am amused

I saw the "Twelve Days of LiveJournal" meme going around my flist and thought it was sort of silly and wasn't going to bother with it. But on a whim, I plugged in my username and was so tickled by the results that I'm going to post them after all:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, miss_sophia sent to me...
Twelve marauders drumming
Eleven oasis piping
Ten crookshanks a-singing
Nine beets burninating
Eight prongs a-reading
Seven cats a-writing
Six languages a-knitting
Five arcti-i-i-ic monkeys
Four sparkly vampires
Three bertie botts
Two douglas adams
...and a roswell in a pam beesly.
Get your own Twelve Days:

If I can't get sparklepeen for Christmas, I at least want to see beets burninate. Or wait, four sparkly vampires, y'all! DOES THAT MEAN FOUR SPARKLEPEENS??? OH MY EDWARD!

In other TwiLOL news, Edward Cullen is Santa Claus. I may have to write this fic. I mean, homeboy went to medical school twice, so why wouldn't he take a stint filling in for Saint Nick so the poor old man can get a Christmas holiday of his own for once?

In other other news, I have made two resolutions. I don't do the whole New Year's resolution thing, because if something needs to be resolved, it should be resolved when it needs to be resolved, and I hate setting myself up for disappointment in such an official manner. Anyway, resolutely, I resolve the following (and OK, I'm making it somewhat official here so that the peer pressure keeps me focused and...resolute):

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And because it is now in my LiveJournal, it must happen. DONE. And with that, I'm off to fiddle around on LJ a little more and then force myself to restart Sorcerer's Stone (yes, I know, wrong title, but I don't have a British version of that book yet *adds Brit versions of HP books to Christmas wishlist, just under "SPARKLEPEEN"*) with the benefit of an open laptop next to me. I daresay it just might be a tad more enjoyable. ;)

ETA: Via punk_rock_nerd, "Proposition 8 - The Musical" (with some very special celebs!):

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die
BPAL bottles

BPAL Wishlist

Flist, feel free to ignore this post. I just need to get a BPAL wishlist up, since people keep asking me and I'm tired of going all ghetto by posting my c/ped notes from Word into an LJ comment.

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LiveJournal - because you...


The hoops are jumped through, and the perfectionism monster is happy. Remind me never ever to get three weeks behind on LJ again. Now I just have comments to go through, but I think I'm letting most of them go...which is not easy for me. Does anyone else ever feel like you have to reply to every comment that comes in, just so that no one thinks you're rude and ignoring them? I'm beginning to realize just how often perfectionism has caused me to stop doing something because I couldn't do it 100% right.

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Anyway, perfectionism is a bitch, but I don't regret all the backreading, because y'all write fun shit.

In other news, during the time that LJ went down last night (probably for all of 10 minutes, but I was still all, "GODAMMIT, I'M CATCHING UP ON MY FLIST ON MY IPHONE AND NOW YOU DECIDE TO BE ROBUST, YOU PIECE OF SHIT???"), I was nursing Meghan and had nothing else to do and was dying for some form of human communication aside from breast suckling, so I joined Twitter. If any of y'all are on there, feel free to add me. I'm miss_sophia.

...y'know, every time I start an entry, I'm all, "This is going to be a short entry, because I barely have anything to say." And then I end up with a post full of ramblings. Which isn't a bad thing. I'm just sayin'.

ETA: It was only a matter of time before I joined Twitter anyway, what with my mom and other good friends on it already. And this entry on why we should care about Twitter (written by flourish) had pushed me even closer to the edge. But yeah, yay, a new timesuck.... :P
My Fandom Brings All the Wank to the Yar

And this is why I am glad my perfectionism is making me jump through hoops to backread my flist

cleolinda may have mastered the art of writing Movies in Fifteen Minutes, but author_by_night has written Harry Potter in Two Minutes (yes, the entire series), and I deem it an instant classic. Of course, spoilers for all seven books are there, so don't click if you're like the 1% of the world's population who hasn't read them. (I say this because I recently started giving out this blog address to RL and non-fandom friends, who are probably going to be scared away by all the fandom stuff, but hey, I wear my geekery with pride!)

This is the sort of entry I miss when I think about how fandom appears to have quieted down a bit ever since the series ended. It's a humorous commentary on the series and fandom itself, and that sort of thing was all over the fic and meta communities back in the day. And it's what I love about most crack!fics -- they make fun of fan fiction tropes, and we can always afford to laugh at ourselves.

*back to more perfectionistic backreading before catching some zzzz's while Meghan sleeps*
Writing with Quill

Putting politics aside

Taken from atalantapendrag and lilychick:

1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

Far be it from me to turn down an excuse to post a cute picture of Meghan! Hey, in fact, I'll give you several. *is a shamelessly proud mommy*

Meghan at 5 days old

Meghan around a week ago

And for the lulz...

Meghan at 3 days old when she was in the incubator under phototherapy lights for her jaundice. She looked so chill and relaxed under there that Jack took a bottle of formula (which the doctor had ordered because she wanted to flush the bilirubin from Meghan's system, and apparently supplementing with formula helps that) and made it into a little cocktail for her to complete the look.

I'm off to bed. I wanted to RP tonight, but my brain space is feeling very fuzzy because I am either getting assaulted by my allergies or I have the onset of a cold. I must have sneezed at least 30 times tonight. No exaggerations. Ugh. Sorry, I'll try to be around tomorrow night. &hearts
Maury - You ARE the father

Irresistible crack

So I've gone ahead and put myself down for two scenario prompts over at hp_crackdealers:

(1) After the war, the Malfoys get off light, but their family assets have been seized, and no one wants to employ them. As a last shot at making a living, they form a wizard rock band... and become a success. Pairing: gen, or Harry/Draco.

(2) As a result of a time travel accident, the original four Founders of Hogwarts have been replaced by Umbridge, Lockhart, Trelawney or Luna, and Filch. What is the new Hogwarts like (house colours, badges, Sorting criteria, placement of the Trio...)?

The first one is going to make me do some research on wizard rock. I'm well aware of what it is, and at Lumos I saw Harry and the Potters and a couple of other acts, but I want to know enough to write good crack!fic. And sadly, the prospect of doing this research is making me quite gleeful. As for the second prompt, it's got a lot of gold to mine, so the "only" prep I'll be doing is rereading canon (which I was doing anyway, because I want to get back to Yellow, the poor neglected WIP überfic of my heart and soul, but I feel like I've lost touch with canon, not having read it for going on three years, aside from a single read of Deathly Hallows).

And now the crack and my prior post on reality TV have made me want to write a fic that...well, I won't give too much away, but let's just say it's a crossover between Harry Potter and The Maury Povich Show. Perhaps that shall also give me an excuse to do "canon research" on Maury (i.e., watching more episodes). *shiftyeyes*