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Any Homestar Runner fans out there wanna help a sista out?

Here's the dealio: I'm writing a chaptered Harry Potter x Homestar Runner crack!fic called "Draco to the Limit!" The premise is that Harry and Draco serve detention in the Muggle Studies classroom, where Draco ends up getting sucked into a computer and into the world of Homestar Runner. The main characters are Draco and Strong Bad, but all of the major characters from H*R make an appearance, ranging from the obvious choices of Homestar, Marzipan, Strong Sad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Bubs, Coach Z, the Poopsmith, the King of Town, and Homsar to the characters from Strong Bad e-mails, including Teen Girl Squad, Trogdor, Eh Steve, Senor Cardgage, the Thnikkaman, and Stinkoman, among many, many others. The plot will be along the lines of The Wizard of Oz, with some Alice in Wonderland likely to be thrown in for good measure.

The thing is, I'd like to have this story beta'ed before I post it, and it's not easy finding a beta who's familiar with both fandoms...which you pretty much have to be for the story to make any whit of sense to you.

Anyone want to help a sista out by volunteering to beta, or know someone who might? Since I'm working on a number of things concurrently [including "Yellow" and a Sirius/Sirius/Sirius crack!fic for the Better Know a Black challenge for the new community black_family (that's each Sirius from the Black Family Tree), as well as all my grad school stuff], I will not be turning out chapters at a breakneck pace. In fact, all I have now is the first chapter (~3,000 words), and I haven't even started on Chapter 2 yet.

Any takers? I will be so very appreciative and will be glad to beta something for you in exchange!

In case it's helpful, here's a little preview from Chapter 1:

“Look, Malfoy. Do you see this thing my hand is on?” Harry moved his hand slightly, and Draco saw a small, palm-sized, beige object beneath it. “This is called a mouse. And when you move it, it’s supposed to move something on the computer screen. But as I said, I’ve never actually used one of these before, so I don’t really know too much about—”

“TOONS!” The box suddenly shouted at them, and Draco and Harry both jumped.

“What the bloody hell was that?” yelled Draco, reaching in his robes for his wand.

“I must have done something with the mouse. Oh look, I definitely did something, because the picture just changed.”

Draco squinted at the box. In the middle was something that looked like a panel from his old Perseus Pureblood comic books. There were brightly colored images inside the panel, one of them looking strangely like the telewizard he had been cleaning earlier, but with a picture on it—and that picture was moving, just like in Perseus Pureblood.

“Looks like some kind of clunky Muggle comic book, like Moron Mudblood and the Quest for Complete Idiocy,” Draco sneered.

“Hilarious,” Harry said dryly, twisting around to roll his eyes at Draco before turning back to the computer.

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