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My husband rocks!

Yay for J-! He bought me Coldplay tickets for my birthday! I was completely taken by surprise, because (a) we often don't do gifts on holidays, just because it's a hassle and our lives are really busy right now, and (b) the concert in our area has been sold out for ages, and the scalpers want big money for tickets. Turns out that he had bought the tickets well over a month ago, probably when I had first learned of the concert! Of course, he did have to buy them from scalpers (or, rather, one of those agencies that buys up all the tickets when they first go on sale and then sells them at ridiculous markups), but he bought them, he bought them! And so I am going to see Coldplay, one of my absolute favourite bands!

What meant even more to me was that he said he bought the tickets because he knows how much I love Coldplay and he knows how much Coldplay has inspired my writing. J- is not a very expressive, direct sort, which often frustrates me to no end, so it meant the world to me that he said this. I've been telling him for a while now that I kind of need more reaction from him when it comes to my writing, because my writing is the center of my world in many ways, and this was truly the first time I got it from him, on his own initiative. Yay, so happy!

I'm going to see Coldplay, yay yay yay!
Tags: birthday, coldplay, husband, writing

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