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Happy birthday to meeeee!

So. Today is my 29th birthday. I guess that's cool. I mean, I don't really feel 29. I typically feel somewhere between 18 and 25 (not to, you know, be precise about it or anything ). But yeah, yay me for...living another year, I guess! Or being born in the first place. That's a pretty cool accomplishment.

Unfortunately, while I may be able to party like it's my birthday, I won't be able to sip Bacardi like it's my birthday, mainly because I'm currently taking an antibiotic that I'm absolutely 100% not allowed to mix alcohol with. But that's OK, because I'm done with it in about two weeks...which is just in time for my trip to London and Edinburgh! Woo-hoo! I'm going with my best friend and her sister, and it is going to be completely off the hizz-ook!

And yes, I'm going to go to Platform 9 3/4. And pose for a picture. In my Hermione costume.

What else? Well, new age, new look for my LJ. I really liked the old skin, because it resembled a diary, which went really well with my theme of "Miss Sophia's Diary" (which is the title of my favorite short story and where I ganked my username from). Unfortunately, it didn't give me any sidebars where I could put links, and I really want to have accessible links to my HP fan fiction and recommended fics written by other people. So, out with the old, in with the new. It appears that I can link only 10 items, including headers, so what I think I'll do is create several lj-cut posts containing multiple links (e.g., my fics, Remus/Sirius recommendations, crack!fic recommendations, genfic recommendations) and then put links to the cuts in my Links list. Seems like the easiest way to go about things. So I'll constantly be updating those lists, and hopefully y'alls will find my recommendations as helpful as I've found other people's to be.

Other fan fic news...I'm still working on Chapter 4 of "Yellow." I'd like to have it posted before March 4, which is when I leave for England, but I don't think that's going to happen, since I'm smack in the middle of my grad school semester. On top of that, I'm actually rather behind in my schoolwork, because my stupid intestinal disease flared up again at the beginning of January (the reason I'm on the antibiotics), so I don't have tons of time to sit and write. And for a while, my energy was quite sapped (one of the reasons I haven't updated here in a while, although thank you, author_by_night, for the nudge; it's nice to know you noticed I was gone ). Also, I kind of need further info from "The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black" family tree that JKR's been dangling before us for the past several weeks in order to make sure that Chapter 4 remains canon compliant. That should come out pretty soon, though, since I think the auction's on Monday.

I'm also working on a crack!fic called "Draco to the Limit!", which is a crossover between Harry Potter and Homestar Runner. I know it sounds horribly stupid, but hey, it's supposed to be! And I promise it will be well executed and humourous. I think I'm going to wrap up Chapter 1 shortly and then post it.

Oh yeah, another thing: I wanked for the first time (on Fandom_Wank). I'm a wanka...and it was damn fun! Yay for Teh Snark! And it wasn't even HP wank! For some reason, I love World of Warcraft wank, even though I've never even played the game myself.

All right, well, I want to work on my Links list now, so off I go!
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