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My flist backlog is finally conquered. Yes, I know I'm crazy for doing all the backreading, but I genuinely do enjoy it. I just don't like getting so far behind, and the stomach flu death plague thing didn't help. The good news on that front is that it spontaneously resolved itself sometime between last night and this morning, so it wasn't E. coli after all. I even went ahead and cancelled tomorrow's doctor's appointment; no point in wasting his time when I'm perfectly back to normal again.

And to celebrate that, here is something absolutely horrifying, courtesy of st_aurafina (DO NOT CLICK IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DO NOT WANT TO UNSEE): Some Twitard has made a knit-and-felted model of Bella's uterus, complete with a mini felted Renesmee in it, all tied up with a ribbon for extra WTFery. The pictures are not graphic (it's knitting), but that doesn't make them any less brainbreaky. In all seriousness, it's sort of a vaguely neat, albeit still somewhat squicky and weird, idea to craft a baby and a uterus; as someone who, you know, grew a real child in a real uterus, I find the process of human gestation pretty damn amazing. But then you get the following explanation and it all just goes to hell: "The inside of the belly is all black because Renesmee was such a mystery and was hiding. There is red for the Edward since he's a vampire and nothing shiny I had would felt. 8-P. Bits of brown in there for Jacob because he's part of Bella (even before imprinting) as much as her baby." YAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH. I am, however, amused by some of the horrified comments underneath. I guess even Twitards have their limits.

Also, if anyone's interested in purchasing children's and other educational books from the Usborne company, I have an online store from the show I did at my house this past weekend, and if you purchase through that, I get free shit. :) It closes tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST, though, so you kind of have to act now. Just thought I'd mention it here in case anyone is interested.

ETA: The post with the knit uterus is now flocked. But you can still fry your brain see the pics here. You're welcome.
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