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Snow Day

I am unreasonably thrilled that I am snowed in today. It's not like I typically leave the house a whole lot; most of my days, I just stay home with Meghan. (I'm trying to get out more for playdates for Meghan, and Jack and I just joined a gym that has child care services, and is a two-minute drive from our house to boot, which means that I have no excuse not to go there at least a couple of times a week, but with it being winter and all, I'm not exactly motivated to be out and about a whole lot.) But the prospect of a snow day is still ridiculously exciting. We actually did have somewhere to go today -- Meghan has a music-play class at 10 every Tuesday -- but it got cancelled because of the weather, so in a sense, it really is a snow day; however, I think my giddiness has more to do with fond memories of snow days back in high school. I went to a magnet school that was an hour and 15 minutes away (well, really just 45 minutes, but the school bus always took longer), and it was always the most wonderful feeling to get the news that school had been cancelled and I could sleep in. That meant curling up on the couch and hot chocolate and everything being all pretty and white...and the prospect of actually getting my homework done before it was due...although who'm I kidding, most of the time I just left it for the very last minute before class the next day anyway.

It's also nice to be up and about earlier than usual. Usually by this time of morning (10:30 am), I'm up, but still ruing that fact (you can rue facts, and not just days, right?), and Meghan and I are not typically showered and breakfasted yet.

GAH, she keeps trying to type with me. I'm going to give her a chance to get it out of her system. Here's Meghan:



Well. I'm glad she is familiar with the use of emoticons and ends her statements with periods.

ANYWAY, because I didn't get word of her class cancellation until the last minute, I had gotten us up and showered and all that only to find out that we were going to be staying home. And even though it was just an hour-long class rather than a full-day affair, I'm still insanely excited. Ridiculous, I know. But this is one of the many reasons I don't want to move to California (something Jack is still somewhat disappointed about): Snow days are an important part of growing up! I want Meghan to feel that special thrill at the announcement on the news, and I want to make her hot chocolate and bake cookies and do fun crafts and watch videos and stuff during a time that would otherwise be spent in academic seriousness and whatnot.

God, when did I become so domestic? *clings to her inability to clean the house properly as proof that she's not a housewife from the '50s, EWWWW*

I do sort of wish I had known about the cancellation earlier, though. Jack had texted me to say that schools are closed (the music teacher's policy is that when county schools are closed, she's cancelling class, even though the classes are not part of the county system itself), and at the time, Meghan was still sleeping (in my bed, where she usually ends up at around 6 am), and she was all cute and cozy in her Santa-suit pajamas (which I intend to get good mileage out of even though it is no longer Christmas). It's only a 50-50 chance these days that she is still sleeping after 8 am, and she wasn't waking up all that easily (which is generally a miracle as far as this girl goes; I swear, she's the lightest sleeper in the world), so I was all YAY about being able to curl up with her and sleep longer. But then I decided to double check Jack, and I didn't seen our county on the list of closings, so I woke Meghan up and got us ready. We were running really behind, because it had taken me a good 20 minutes before I thought to double check Jack, and that was 20 minutes during which I was supposed to be getting ready. Luckily, about 7 minutes before I needed to be out the door (but sooo wasn't ready yet), I checked my e-mail again, and there was a message from the teacher saying that roads near the church where the class is held are bad, so there will be no class.

I still kind of wish I had been able to snuggle longer with Santa Meghan and get some more sleep (especially since while I got about 7 or 7.5 hours, there were two wakeups, courtesy of Meghan, that broke it up, so I really could have used some more), but it's also nice to be up and clean and fed this early. Or "early," should I say. Heh.

I'm also feeling inexplicably thin today, or rather, not as gross and blobby as I've felt since I had Meghan. And I think it's going to be a good hair day as well. And I know these things shouldn't matter, but it's still nice. Hey, man, I'm a snake (by the Chinese zodiac), and we're supposed to be vain. ;)

Now all I need is for Meghan to take a nice three-hour-long nap later on and my day will be MADE.


I know. A girl can dream, right? Incidentally, it kills me when the other moms in Meghan's class, the ones with kids who are several months older than Meghan, are all, "Little Jakey is starting to skip his morning nap, which means that all we have is his afternoon nap, and three hours just passes by so quickly!" I'm like, DUDE, I'M LUCKY IF I GET ONE 30-MINUTE NAP A DAY, AND MY KID'S YOUNGER THAN YOURS, SO STFU!

She's lucky she's so damn cute. Especially when I tell her to put stuff on her head and she does -- it's her latest party trick. ;) I just enjoy knowing she's finally understanding things.

I have started to try to enforce naps, though. Like, when she obviously needs one, I've been letting her scream in her crib. Surprisingly, on some occasions, if I go up there after 10 minutes and put her back down, she's been going to sleep for 30 minutes to an hour. It used to be that she'd just continue screaming, and I'd eventually bring her down and let her play again (because 30 minutes to an hour of screaming is not fun), but lately she's been relenting a bit. And I could REALLY use that time, you know? Like, I really want to write some fic, and I often find myself very inspired during the day, but I simply don't have the Meghan-free time in which to do it. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm like, OK, you can be all cranky downstairs and I have to put up with that and can't get anything done, or I can leave you in your crib, where you can be equally cranky, but I can at least sit downstairs with the baby monitor's volume on low and get shit done, you know?

AND OW, GAH, WTF, she is pinching my boob while nursing (yes, I can type and breastfeed at the same time; does that count as a superpower?) and then smiling coyly when I say no and remove her hand. I swear, she's worse than a junior high boy. Again, she's is lucky she's so cute. Damn.

OK, back to backreading y'alls' LJs and replying to comments. &hearts
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