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Best night ever from Meghan. I think we put her to bed around 8:30, and except for a minor mishap at maybe 10- or 11-something,* she didn't get up until almost 6:15! That's almost 10 hours! Of course, she barely napped yesterday, so perhaps she finally wore herself out. I'm convinced she's a cyborg, given that she subsists on way less sleep than most children get and, even at 8.5 months, doesn't eat a whole lot at a time when it comes to solids. Maybe her human side is taking over her robot side? GOD, I HOPE SO. I went to bed around 1 last night, so even though that was sort of late, I still got over 5 hours in a row -- nearly unheard of for me these days! Yay!!!

* In which a crib toy that plays music was not set to the off position, so when she accidentally moved against it in her sleep, it suddenly started playing music (to the tune of "Old McDonald's Farm": "See the animals on the farm, just for you! Hear the animals making sounds, baaaa, oink, mooooo!", which came through the baby monitor and scared the crap out of me, because I couldn't initially figure out where it was coming from. When I realized what had happened, I raced to her room to turn the thing off before it could disrupt her, but when I got in there, the room reeked of poo, leading to my discovery that at some point -- probably just after I had put her to bed -- she had filled her diaper. There was no way I was going to let her sleep in that, so I changed it and then put her back down in her crib. She had woken up partially by then and didn't like being put down, so I quickly washed my hands and disposed of the diaper and then picked her up for about 30 seconds. After a hug and some kisses, I put her back down, and after about 30 seconds of complaining on her part, she went back to sleep. So yes, just a minor mishap, quickly dispensed with. Amazing!
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