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Dammit, memes, stop being funny!

So after you do the Twelve Days of LiveJournal meme, there's another meme that it prompts you for, and I wasn't going to do it. But then spicedogs posted a direct link to it in her journal, and once again, the whim overtook me. And I was faaaar too amused with the results not to post them.

In 2008, miss_sophia resolves to...
Backup my homsar regularly.
Buy new crack pairings.
Connect with my inner lost.
Go to trogdor every Sunday.
Stop reading with alabastardragon.
Give some douglas adams to charity.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Does backing up my Homsar require the purchase of a new Jenga set? Are my crack pairings getting stale (nooooo, Sirius/Homsar, say it ain't so!), or is it just that one should always be entitled to a new crack pairing every now and again? If so, I definitely want one half of the pairing to be Edward Cullen. Homsar/Edward, perhaps? Or Santa/Edward, for the interminable staring contest that would be their foreplay? (Hey, that'd suit Edward just fine, given that there's no sex in his champagne room.) Does my inner LOST have its own beard, or perhaps a donkey wheel? More importantly, DOES IT HAVE ANY ANSWERS, OR JUST MORE QUESTIONS? Does going to Trogdor every Sunday entail getting burninated? Are there any consummate V's involved? But wait a minute, I refuse to stop reading with alabastardragon! He's a perfectly good reading partner, thankyouverymuch, and he never forces me to take notes! But I can deal with giving some Douglas Adams to charity. People in need require humor and quirky prose, not just canned goods, secondhand clothes, and cashmoney.

I think I just might be easily amused. Carry on.
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