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OK, I am amused

I saw the "Twelve Days of LiveJournal" meme going around my flist and thought it was sort of silly and wasn't going to bother with it. But on a whim, I plugged in my username and was so tickled by the results that I'm going to post them after all:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, miss_sophia sent to me...
Twelve marauders drumming
Eleven oasis piping
Ten crookshanks a-singing
Nine beets burninating
Eight prongs a-reading
Seven cats a-writing
Six languages a-knitting
Five arcti-i-i-ic monkeys
Four sparkly vampires
Three bertie botts
Two douglas adams
...and a roswell in a pam beesly.
Get your own Twelve Days:

If I can't get sparklepeen for Christmas, I at least want to see beets burninate. Or wait, four sparkly vampires, y'all! DOES THAT MEAN FOUR SPARKLEPEENS??? OH MY EDWARD!

In other TwiLOL news, Edward Cullen is Santa Claus. I may have to write this fic. I mean, homeboy went to medical school twice, so why wouldn't he take a stint filling in for Saint Nick so the poor old man can get a Christmas holiday of his own for once?

In other other news, I have made two resolutions. I don't do the whole New Year's resolution thing, because if something needs to be resolved, it should be resolved when it needs to be resolved, and I hate setting myself up for disappointment in such an official manner. Anyway, resolutely, I resolve the following (and OK, I'm making it somewhat official here so that the peer pressure keeps me focused and...resolute):

(1) I shall lose 20 pounds by May. I've got 15 pounds of baby weight still lingering on me, and that sucks. I miss my old jeans and that really cute pair of low-riding khaki trousers. And even though I've bought new pants (trouser pants, not undawears, for you Brits), they just don't seem to fit properly. I'm constantly making sure I'm not showing my coin slot to the world when I sit down on the floor (which I do all the time, given that I have an active 8-month-old), and my love handles constantly spilleth over. If I lose 20 pounds, that'll put me well below where I was prior to getting pregnant, given that the 3 to 5 pounds I gained in my gargantuan boobs isn't going to come off until I wean Meghan, which won't be happening for a while. (And that's IF it comes off the boobs, but right now I can't bear to consider the possibility that it won't!)

I'm also going to go on ahead and admit that I chose May not primarily because it's the start of summer (i.e., swimsuit season), but because LeakyCon is in May and Azkatraz is in July, and it just wouldn't do for Hermione to be rockin' a round booty and a post-baby belly. YES, I'M LOSING WEIGHT PARTLY FOR THE SAKE OF COSPLAYING. SHUT UP. Unfortunately, there's little I can do to stop Hermione from having Madam Rosmerta's rack, but hopefully binding those suckers up in an ace bandage or something will help when the time comes.

Jack promised he'd hook up the Wii Fit (because I'm too lazy and/or retarded to do it myself) tomorrow, and we may go to the gym on Saturday (for the first time in like two years). I'm not going to diet, aside from trying to choose more healthy options when I'm tempted towards other stuff, because (a) the holidays are coming up and I refuse to deprive myself, and (b) for the most part I eat well already, and more importantly, you're not supposed to go on much of a diet when you're breastfeeding. So I can't cut out carbs completely or anything like that (which I wouldn't do anyway; I believe more in eating whole, well-balanced meals), but I can make sure I don't go for the milkshake when I'm craving it, or that I choose the salmon instead of the manicotti. When I was pregnant, I ate whatever I felt like; I let my body dictate what I needed. But now I'm going to be more careful, so that I cut out any unnecessary excesses (LOL, redundant phrase is redundant). It'll be a little tricky with the holidays coming up, but my main goal will be to enjoy in small amounts. Anyway, I'm going to attack the weight mainly with exercise, because all I really need is to kickstart my metabolism again. I have time to exercise after Meghan goes to bed, and even if the gym doesn't end up working out (although given that they've got a babysitting program, I may try to go a couple of times a week), the Wii Fit is always there, and whatever I do on it will be more than I do now (which mainly consists of chasing after Meghan all day -- quite a physical activity, but apparently not enough!).

(2) I will reread the entire Harry Potter series WITHOUT TAKING NOTES. As I said in a previous post, I really need to reread the series so I can get back to writing my poor, abandoned uberfic, as well as pursue other plotbunnies I've had over the years. In addition, I committed myself to writing two fics for a crack!fic fest, and I've got only about a month and a half before they are due...and I REALLY need to do that reread in order to write something good. I actually started my reread a good several weeks ago, but that's where the problem with the note taking came in: As I read, I kept adding thoughts and ideas that came to mind to two lists of notes, one for general observations (e.g., Ch. 1 p. 12: McGonagall: “…but how in the name of heaven did Harry survive?” Not 'how in the name of Merlin'. :); Ch. 1 p. 14: Sirius’s motorcycle is loud and huge. And I’m surprised Dumbledore didn’t recognize it. Or maybe Sirius didn’t parade it around in front of him – could it be a violation in the same way that the Weasleys’ car was? Then again, Dumbledore asks only where Hagrid got the motorcycle, so maybe he suspects Sirius and is starting to put two and two together?) and one for plotbunnies.

I'm not the fastest reader in the world to begin with (I used to read quickly, but now I enjoy absorbing the prose as fully as possible, which requires time), and then taking notes slammed my reading pace to a crawl. On top of that, because I was taking these notes in a Word file on my computer, I couldn't just open my book and read anywhere; I had to have my laptop near me or else I wouldn't want to bother reading. I did just download a voice-recorder app for my iPhone, so that I can use that to take notes (my intention was to use it when I'm listening to the audio version of the books -- another project that is currently stalled, but for a different, and now rectified, reason), but you know what? I need to get over it. This reread is not going to happen if I get all nerdy and perfectionistic about it. I really enjoy taking the notes, but I am hereby resolving to save all note taking for a second reread, because I really need to make it past Chapter 2 in a book that shouldn't be a slow read! Right now, I just need to reabsorb the canon. Yes, nifty thoughts and ideas may occur to me as I read, but the majority of them will be more than likely to recur during a future reread, and any that get lost will be supplanted by better ones anyway. Yes, I'm still trying to convince myself of this, but the bottom line is that I need to reread these books, and I will enjoy doing so without the pressure I'm putting on myself to note down every single thought and plotbunny that occurs to me.

And because it is now in my LiveJournal, it must happen. DONE. And with that, I'm off to fiddle around on LJ a little more and then force myself to restart Sorcerer's Stone (yes, I know, wrong title, but I don't have a British version of that book yet *adds Brit versions of HP books to Christmas wishlist, just under "SPARKLEPEEN"*) with the benefit of an open laptop next to me. I daresay it just might be a tad more enjoyable. ;)

ETA: Via punk_rock_nerd, "Proposition 8 - The Musical" (with some very special celebs!):

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die
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