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These scents don't work on me; maybe they will love you instead!

$2.50 flat fee for shipping to the US or Canada (or $3.25 if you want DC; just let me know), and $3.00 flat fee for international shipping. Non-CC PayPal preferred, but if you've got CC only, let me know and we will work it out. E-checks accepted, with the understanding that I will send out the goodies once the e-check clears.

Here are the goods:

A Blade of Grass (A Autumn leaves scattered among blades of grass - full to shoulder; tested once) $17
Aeaea (A dark ocean breeze, electric with adrenaline, magic, and fear, clashing with the thick scent of poisoned berries and spiny aloe, against a backdrop of snowdrop, cedar, and cypress - full to shoulder; tested once) $15
Bitter Moon (Nepal poppy, lotus root, wild rose, and blue hibiscus with blackberry, tonka, sage, lavender, peony and vetiver - full to shoulder; tested twice by me) $19
Chaos Theory 3 (Strange Attractors): MXXIV (Soft cherry/cherry blossom with some dust/Smarties candy – very full; tested once by me, but possibly other times by the person I bought it from) $15
Chaos Theory 4 (Edge of Chaos): MCCLXIX (Green Asian bambooish scent - full to well above shoulder; tested once by me and probably once by the person I bought it from...it sounded so wonderful, but the drydown didn't work on me at all :( ) $15
Chaos Theory 4 (Edge of Chaos): MCCCLXVI (sharp, raw soap scent, gender neutral - full to shoulder; tested once) $15
Crow Moon (The call of the crow signals the end of the frost, and their scent, of vervain, black violet, white musk, and Chinese cedar, is brushed by the last cold wind of winter on their wings, and the scent of evergreen boughs touched by the season's final flowers and the first blossoms of spring: wintersweet, green-barked dogwood, primrose, snowdrop, and lenten rose hellebore bouquet - full to shoulder; tested once) $17
The Emathides (black amber, black orchid, black currant, olive blossom, wood violet, lavender, blue musk, rose attar, and cedar - full to shoulder; tested twice) $17
The Gladdener of All Hearts (Honeyed milk, baby powder, lavender, orris root, sage, carnation, angelica, frankincense, and rose otto - full to between top of label and shoulder; tested once) $17 (Please provide forum name)
Hay Moon (Hay absolute, tall grasses, dry honey, mallow, cardamom, amber, and wheat - 3/4 full, to about 5 mm below label; tested once by me) $13
Ichabod Crane (Dusty black wool, tea with cream, black pepper, muguet, and beeswax candle drippings - full to shoulder; tested once) $17
Monsterbait: Bloody Mary (Chunky, glistening red fruits with sweet cream accord, black clotted cherry, and powdered sugar - full to shoulder and lab fresh) $17
Mourning Moon (Chinese musk, wisteria, white grapefruit, calla lily, violet leaf, orange, gaiac wood, balsam of Peru, and Florentine iris - full to shoulder; tested once) $17
The Presence of Love (White musk, rose-swirled amber, pink grapefruit, and jasmine - full to between top of label and shoulder, but I got this lab fresh and tested only once, so that's just how it came) $16
Pumpkin Patch #4 (2007) (Pumpkin with cactus blossom, sage, and sweetgrass - full to shoulder; tested two or three times) $17
Sugar Skull 2005 (A blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits - in blue cobalt bottle; full to just below the top of the label; tested three or four times by me) $15
There's a Certain Slant of Light (Thin, tinny ozone with frankincense, white sandalwood, white amber, hyssop, bitter violet leaf, and shadowy wisps of smoke - brand new and untested) $17
Vampire Tears (wisteria, white grapefruit, neroli, green tea, jasmine, white ginger, honeysuckle, iris, and tonka - full to shoulder; tested three times) $17

LE/CD decants:
Bearded Lady (Carnaval Noir) (Turkish rose, stargazer lily, violet, honeysuckle, amber, star jasmine and vanilla - top of label) $4
Blood Moon 2008 (The feral scent of the heat of the chase, deep woods, undulating musks, brushed by forest flora, swirled in the incense of the anointed cherub that covereth, and touched by blood-dimmed lunar oils - fresh decant, tested once) $3.50
Brom Bones (The butchest, manliest of musks covered in well-worn leather) - fresh decant, tested once) $3.50
Butter Rum Cookie (Rum-soaked butter cookies, crusted with sugar, soaked in almond and garnished with orange rind - fresh decant, tested once) $3.25 - PENDING
Gunpowder (Carrot peelings, hay, chaff, molasses, maple oats, red apples, stable wood, and musk - fresh decant, tested once) $3.50
House of Mirrors (Carnaval Noir) (Antique amber frames a series of distorted, eternally warping clear crystal and glass notes - above top of label) $4
Hunger Moon (Ozone, white sandalwood, crystallized white amber, verbena, oakmoss, clary sage, and a hint of white citrus rind - top of label) $3.50
Jacob's Ladder 2008 (golden amber, galbanum, benzoin, ambrette, rockrose, costus and tonka - fresh decant, tested once) $3.25
Lune Noire (black orchid, jonquil, white pear, white amber, gardenia, olibanum, champaca, sweet clove, tonka, oakmoss, and blue musk - top of label) $3.50
Luperci 2006 or 2007 (not sure which) (raw, down and dirty patchouli, Gurjam balsam, and essence of Sampson Root sweetened with the heightened sexuality of beeswax, virile juniper, oakmoss, ambrette seed over honey and East African musk - a little bit under label) $3
The Magi (An offering of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, with coriander, cumin, ambergris, white wine grape, and vanilla bean - fresh decant, tested once) $3.25
Nowhere in Particular (The scent of a moonlit night on the road, orchards in the distance, and swirling dust - fresh decant, tested once) $3.25
The Oval Portrait (honeysuckle, carnation, stargazer lily, bluebonnet, vanilla musk, and rice flower - top of label) $4
Privilege (Armoise, tuberose, white citrus, rose absolute, oakmoss, tiare, tuberose, vanilla, linden, and lemon tree blossom - top of label) $3
Pruno (chow line droppings, including oranges, apples, ketchup, and sugar - top of label) $3
Saw-Scaled Viper (Snake Oil with cinnamon, cassia, and red ginger - aged at least a year; hard to tell level, but it looks like between 1/2 and 3/4, but closer to 1/2) $2.50
There's a Certain Slant of Light (Thin, tinny ozone with frankincense, white sandalwood, white amber, hyssop, bitter violet leaf, and shadowy wisps of smoke - fresh decant, tested once, small stain on the label) $3.25
Valentine of Rome (Ecclesiastical incense, Roman flora, and the fruits of martyrdom: cypress, olive blossom, frankincense, myrrh, and blood accord - 3/4 full) $3 (I also have an empty bottle of this, so let me know if you want that, too)
Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune Alone on the Winter Solstice (Temple incense, rain, and dust - fresh decant, tested once) $3.25

Other etailers:
Alhambra (Arcana, 10 ml bottle) (pomegranate juice, fresh Spanish rosemary, aged
patchouli and golden beeswax
- full into neck; tested once)
$12 (sorry, shantih, Snake Moon just isn't in need of soothing anymore, or maybe Nero manages to satisfy his needs; but if this sells, the money's going right back to you :) )

Empty bottles and sniffies (all free to a good home; just ask!):
The Clod and the Pebble (bottle)
Schwarzer Mond 2008 (bottle)
Valentine of Rome (bottle)

Feedback: I have feedback here. Not updated recently, but there's still plenty to see there.

Thanks for looking!
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