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Pimping some crack

So there's this new comm, hp_crackdealers, and they're having a crack!fic fest. If there's one thing Harry Potter fandom can always use more of, it's crack. Right now, they're taking submissions for prompts, which can take one of the following forms: up to five words; up to three quotes; up to three images; a pairing or a character you would like to see. So if you're not a crack!fic writer yourself, but would like to see some good old-fashioned crack, please consider submitting a prompt, or, later on, submitting a fic in response to a prompt or two. I'm hoping to get a lot of new fic for my long-neglected crack!fic recc list, and anyway, crack is wack fun. I think I'm also gonna dust off the ficcing part of my brain and do at least one fic, as well as submit a prompt or two myself.

So, there's the pitch, and here's the silly ballet-dancing Snape banner:

Feel free to pimp it forward!
Tags: crack!fic, harry potter

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