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Thanks to frankieb_sq87 and good ol' trusty Snopes.com, I have found out that the e.l.f. $1 cosmetics deal I mentioned in my previous entry is a hoax. Sort of.

Here's the deal: The cosmetics really are $1 each, and they're full-sized items, not sample sized. The "CAROLINA" coupon code really does work as promised. But the trick is that the cosmetics always are $1. Nordstrom is not buying e.l.f., and there is no label/branding change, so there's no need to rush and get this stuff now before it's all bought up. e.l.f. is simply an independent retailer committed to selling makeup at extremely affordable price points.

So overall, it's no big deal. Makeup can be very expensive. I got conjunctivitis several months ago and, upon the advice of my doctor, had to throw out all of my makeup in case it had become contaminated, which meant I needed to replace everything. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but to replace what I do wear/use (eyebrow powder, foundation, powder, mascara, eyelash curler, eye shadow) plus a few extras in case of special events (different eye shadow, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner) cost me nearly $100, and I was shopping at CVS, not Shiseido. One of those eight-color eye shadow variety packs alone runs around $5 to $10. So to get makeup for $1 per item is still incredible, and I could have saved between $70 and $90 had I bought from e.l.f. instead of CVS. But it's irritating that this hoax is going around (apparently since October 2006, according to Snopes) and prompting people (including me!) to stock up on more than they normally would buy because they think they are taking advantage of a one-time-only sale. I actually went ahead and requested that my order be cancelled, if it hasn't shipped out yet. I still want to get some e.l.f. stuff, but I don't need 45 items coming to me at one time like a makeup apocalypse kit.

It's just been one of those days, you know? Meghan apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, because she's been in a shit mood all day. She napped only 15 minutes in the morning and, probably because of that, was a whiny mess all day -- and not just fussy, but demanding and bratty. I'm starting to think she's purposely crying when she doesn't get what she wants so that she can manipulate us into giving in. She's only 7 months old, but she's a smart little bugger. She's Mr. Hyde when she's frustrated, but the moment she gets what she wants, she's all Dr. Jekyll and smiles again. And she tires herself out to the point that nothing makes her happy...least of all being put down for a nap! On top of all that, she's been really finicky about eating solids lately (as in, she doesn't want to eat much of anything), so she's running on very little sleep and almost only breastmilk. My child is a robot!

I got fed up with it earlier, when she woke up from her second 15-minute nap (or maybe she was refusing to nap...I don't remember, since she does that a lot) and was all fussy and unhappy again. I put her in her highchair, and she started to complain bigtime, and so I stuck my face up in hers, put on the sternest look I could, and said, "Meghan" really forcefully. To my surprise, she actually stopped crying and sat still. She tried fussing again maybe 30 seconds later, but I did the same thing, and she calmed down enough to eat some carrots and barley cereal with applesauce/apricots. So I'm thinking that I need to start setting limits and showing her that there are some things I won't take. It's hard to know when babies cross the line from having no real understanding of what goes on in their lives to getting that their actions lead to reactions and thus that they can try to sway circumstances according to their desires. Which means it's hard to know when your baby is no longer just "being a baby" and when you should start setting limits and enacting discipline. You don't want to be one of those people who lets their kid get away with everything because you assume the kid doesn't understand you anyway, but you also don't want to be the person who looks like a mean bitch because she talked sternly to a poor little baby who had no clue what the hell was going on. I'm starting to realize that motherhood is about feeling one's way in the dark, only to find out that you crossed a certain line months ago, but had no idea.

Anyway, Meghan's crappy mood has continued into the evening. I put her down for bed just before 8, and she's woken up three times since then, right now (11:15 pm) being the third time. The first two times, she cried it out after Jack and I tried to soothe her with no results. I refused to give her more milk; she had just had her fill before bedtime, and she wasn't really looking for it -- she just wanted a breast to help her sleep; I'm positive of that. And she won't take a pacifier anymore, so that won't help. Last night, she woke up too early as well, and Jack let her suck on his shoulder until he got a hickey there! Now...OK, a few minutes have gone by, and she seems to have stopped crying, or at least is dialing it down. If she starts again, I'll let her nurse, but I don't really think she needs it. She's frickin' 7 months old. She should be able to go for more than 3 hours without nursing. This is ridiculous. I don't mind nursing her when she needs it, but now she's just playing me. I want to be responsive to her needs. I want her to know I'll always be there for her. But I also can't allow her never to learn how to be independent and get herself to sleep when she's tired. I can't be a permanent crutch for her; at some point, she needs to learn how to do some things on her own. And it's so hard balancing these two needs. I never know for sure whether I'm leaning too far one way (capitulating to her every desire and thereby preventing her from becoming independent) or the other (being cruel and not soothing her when she cries for me).

I'm going to wait it out several more minutes, and then I'm taking a nice bath, with some BPAL bath oil. I need to destress.

...Yep. It's now 11:30 and she's been sleeping for well over 10 minutes. I didn't even go in there to check on her, although I did listen closely to her waning cries to make sure they didn't sound urgent. I hope she sleeps for a good several hours or more. She really needs it. And so do I (and my fading sanity).

But there was one good accomplishment of the day, which is that I made cupcakes for a Halloween party some good friends are throwing tomorrow. Behold prototypes of my spooky accomplishment:

The spider is made from a peanut M&M and a regular M&M, and its legs are Cheerios that I cut in half. The eyeball is a starlight mint with a regular M&M in the middle.
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