Miss Sophia (miss_sophia) wrote,
Miss Sophia

Paging Dr. Freud...

You know, I realized that I have had a number of dreams about Rupert Grint lately...as in, dreams about me...and him...me and him....meandhim...Nothing crazy or anything--just holding hands, snuggling, dating, etc. And it just struck me that this is really weird. I mean, it's not weird that I'm dreaming about things related to Harry Potter; that's been going on quite regularly for some time now. But he's not the one I have the mad crush on; that's Dan Radcliffe. (And I must clarify that my Dan crush is based mainly on personality, which allows me to feel quite snobby about it! I mean, I think he's incredibly cute, but what attracts me way more than that is his completely charming, intelligent, witty, gush gush gush, etc., personality.) And yet these dreams are oddly satisfying. Why?! I mean, Rupert's cool. He's filling out nicely. I'm sure he's a great guy. But I'm definitely not smitten in the least. Could it be because I'm currently immersed in After the End, and I'm just placing myself in the Hermione role? I don't think so; these dreams started before I started reading AtE. Hmm, I really don't know what it is. But apparently some part of my subconscious is really taken with Rupert Grint. And yes, it's Rupert, not Ron, because he's always an actor in the dreams. I really don't know, man....

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