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In case you haven't already seen it, there's a LOLarious Twilight movie poster out there (behind an LJ cut because it's sort of large, and I don't want to sparkle up your Friends pages):

Now, it's not nearly as bad as the infamous Entertainment Weekly cover...

...what with its awkward nippletastic pose, zombie eyes, side-buckling belt, not-very-statuelike-or-Greek-God-esque chest hair, and wack makeup job. But it's still LOLarious, mainly because (1) I have no idea how/why Edward is hovering so high above Bella (inability to fly just might be his one non-Sueish attribute) and (2) Edward's OMGamber eyes look like a bad Photoshop job (hello, have you ever heard of 1-800-CONTACTS?). And (2 1/2) speaking of bad Photoshop jobs, the two lines of white text on there are barely readable and in a really blah font, as if the designer had decided it wasn't worth his/her time to bother.

God, I can't get enough of Twilight. Is there such a thing as an antifandom? If so, I think I just might be a card-carrying member.

Apologies to anyone on my flist who genuinely likes this canon. It's nothing personal against you! Feel free to go on loving the canon; hell, I'm addicted to The Maury Povich Show (paternity tests FTW!), so my tastes are highly questionable to begin with. It's just my opinion. ;)
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