Miss Sophia (miss_sophia) wrote,
Miss Sophia

Tagged by kelleypen!

Ooh, I've never done one of these tag thingies before. Fun fun fun (and great distraction from my final paper!).

So the rules are that you're supposed to list "Five weird habits/facts about yourself" and then the taggees need to do the same for themselves, as well as state this rule clearly. So if you're tagged, list your five habits/facts and then list five people to be tagged.

My factoids:

1. When I'm concentrating or distracted, I chew on my tongue. (I know, ew, right? But not really hard or anything!)

2. When my hair gets really long, I have a habit of biting off the split ends. I don't eat them or anything, but I just try to remove them so that...well, so that they're not there anymore! That's why I finally went and got a haircut this weekend. I couldn't take it anymore.

3. When I was in seventh grade, I got voted the most studious student in my class. When I was in tenth grade, I got voted "Chatterbox of the Year." When I was in twelfth grade, I got voted the most flirtatious student in my class. Ah, how times change!

4. My best friend and I have submitted applications to The Amazing Race three times, and we made it to the semifinals for the fifth season, but were cut after that--alas! We're not giving up the dream, though! I'm totally James to her Sirius, Rachel to her Monica, and we knows we'd make for some hilarious TV. Plus, she's black and I'm white, and it's high time they had a mixed-race pairing like that. Well, I haven't watched my recordings of season 7 or the family edition yet (please don't spoil me!), so I don't know what happened there, but at least through season 6, there were no black-white pairings AT ALL.

5. I love dogs, especially basset hounds.

I'm tagging kressel, sagacious_c, genesse, idislikepenguin, and hfleming8!

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