Miss Sophia (miss_sophia) wrote,
Miss Sophia

I'm still alive!

Just a wee post here to let anyone wondering where I am know that I am indeed alive and (FINALLY!) well. Here is a brief description of what's up:

May 2006: Intestinal disease is TEH SUCK. Bitch be tryin' to kill me.

June 2006: Intestinal disease continues to be teh suck. I have no energy. My blood count is half of what it should be. I flee Boston for the warmer climes of our nation's capital. For some reason, every time I step foot in Boston, within hours, the disease is all RAAAARRRRRRRR again. Within hours after getting back into the DC metro area, the disease is like, "Fine, fine, I'll keep it to a dull roar." If someone told me this about themselves, I'd think they were lying. But hey, it's the honest truth. And then came good ol' Cap'n New Medication to the rescue. As a result...

July 2006: ...intestinal disease is vanquished. Huzzah! Yet I am lazy and feeling unmotivated. A paper from the spring semester lies unwritten. I feel bad about abandoning my LJ, so I...continue to abandon it (until now, that is). All I really do is hang out in my RPG...which is, at least, a really fantastic place to hang out - so much crack, good folks, Sirius and Homsar, etc. etc. etc.

But some of you have been nudging me, and I was forced to get something out of my e-mail account today, so...here I am. I haven't been following any of my flist. Sorry, yo! But now that I've made this post, that pretty much means I'm up and running again, for the most part, so feel free to comment, say hi, link to anything important I might've missed and any fanfics you think I'd like.

That's about it. I'm sure I'll have plenty to ramble about shortly. Actually, there is the sad tale of how I dropped my laptop and dislodged the wireless Internet card, but it's not nearly as epic as the story of how I broke my charger and the little port it goes into, so I'll save it for later.

That's it. Brief update. I have way too much shit to sort through.

But yeah, hi. I'm alive. And finally well. :)

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