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03 May 2006 @ 12:49 am
More burning answers to your syphilitic questions  
Again, more syphilis answers, this time from gunderpants:

1. What singer/band gets you in the mood?
I assume you mean in the mood for some smexin'. I'd say Rufus Wainwright, but that wouldn't be fair, because the only person I'd be thinking about the whole time would be hot-ass Rufus, so...yeah, maybe not. Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me" is ultrasexy. Franz Ferdinand's "Michael" is OMGHOT (because of the boylove, of course). I've got memories of making out to Culture Beat's "Mr. Vain." And then, of course, there's Coldplay, which also inspires my writing. I'm not sure who the top prize goes to. To be random, I think I'll call it a tie between Green Day and random clubby music, because riling me up is the best way to get me down. The romantic stuff doesn't cut it for me, I'm afraid. That's just like trying too hard. But if you get me all rioty or dancey, then my energy level goes up and I'm good for some action.

2. Favourite writing beverage?
Grande sweetened iced coffee with half and half from Starbucks. Soothes the soul. Although Gun, you produce so much good shit under the influence that I'm thinking I may have to start partaking as well. I've got some sweetass highland cream (the Scottish version of Irish cream) hanging out here...grapefruit vodka...some other good stuff. Hmmmmm.... Maybe I should have some shots before my final exam tomorrow. It could only help, right? ;)

3. Your favourite politician from the other side?
My favorite likable politician would be John McCain, because he's had some decent ideas, and he seems like someone who at least doesn't spew bullshit every time he opens his mouth. But I've gotta hand it to Bush and Cheney. They make themselves look like assholes without anyone else needing to point it out. Sucks for us as citizens, but it definitely makes it a lot easier to wank. (Apologies to anyone on my flist who doesn't agree with me. It's just my opinion, and if you like these guys, I certainly mean nothing personal to you by my comments. I think we can get along anyway, despite our political differences. If you're a Slytherin, on the other hand.../kidding)

4. Favourite play?
It's a musical, and it's actually a specific production of that musical. A couple of years ago, a very good friend of mine from high school starred in a Broadway revival and national touring production of Big River, which is the story of Huckleberry Finn. The musical itself is really amazing, with some very poignant songs and strong messages about racism and the difference between right and wrong. The special thing about this production was that half the cast, including my friend, was deaf, and so the entire play was done in sign AND voice, with all actors signing and hearing actors doing the vocals for deaf actors. It was a mind-blowing experience. And my friend was AWESOME.

5. Favourite word?
Well, if you go by frequency of use, it'd be good old "fuck." But I'm quite fond of "wank." There's just something really delicious about that word, and I'm glad we Amurricans are starting to pick it up.

If someone wants me to ask questions, I'm game for it. Don't inundate me, though. I'm supposed to be studying for finals. ;)
jenn: weasley winkso_severus on May 4th, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
hahahaha! I almost spewed out my wine when I saw your icon. *loves* Anyways. you have awesome taste in music. I've seen Rufus live, Dave about 6 times (love that song - Crush, Say Goodbye I think are also sexxy), and just saw Franz a couple weeks ago. Michael is one of my favorite songs by them! So come and dance with me? so come and dance with me? Oh WoW! Mr.Vain?!?! Old School- I like it. Coldplay and Green Day also <3 Maroon 5 - Secret is kinda hott. Yeah maybe I should just do the meme. Sorry for rambling. 2 finals today + no sleep + wine + south park = crack!jenn :P
Miss Sophia: Chinese Fireball Ooohmiss_sophia on May 4th, 2006 06:07 am (UTC)
I adore the Bush/Voldemort icon. Whoever made it (it's credited in my userpics; I'm too lazy to go look) is a genius.

You've seen Rufus live? Which concert? What did he sing? Did he look sexy? *passes out*

I'm actually going to see him on June 15, and I am so so SO SO SO SOSOSOSO excited! I discovered him only a couple of months ago, but since then I've been in love. I bet his live performances are unbeatable.

Augh, I wanted to see Franz Ferdinand. They were here a few weeks ago with Death Cab (another band I love), but I already had tickets to a Clap Your Hands concert the same night. Were they amazing? I heard that the lead singer often changes the words of "Michael" to "Come all over me, Michael" when he sings it live. Is that true? If so, sadkl;fjs GUH.

I also recently saw The Strokes (which featured a bit of live slash, yay!) and Coldplay recently, and I've got tickets to see The Arctic Monkeys in June. I think I'm trying to make up for lost time spent drowning in rap and R&B, which has gotten really shitty these days.

And Green Day is much, much &hearts . Billie Joe Armstrong is a complete sexpot.

Heh. I'm rambly, too. Should go to bed. Yay for you having two finals under your belt! I took one today, too, although it was easy. The harder one is on Friday. Bleh.
jenn: Alan Rickman - Lolso_severus on May 4th, 2006 06:35 am (UTC)
omgz you are cracking me up with the icons tonight. it can't just be the wine!

I saw rufus life with guster in my undergrad in 2004/2005. I am too out of it to know. Oh wait, I have the backstage past hanging. *goes to check* March 14th 2004. He played Hallelujah and Cigs and Choc Milk. Those were my fave rufus songs at the time so it made my night. He looked so sexxy. We (cornell concert commission exec people) had rufus as our wallpaper for like ever and then guster's people came in our concert office and was like *disappointed face* but I was like um sorry Rufus = love. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! You're going to see him during the Want Twoness! I think it's his best album... I *love* it. Amazing stuff. Let me know what he plays and if he happens to do The Maker Makes. One of my favorite songs of the year. He is pretty amazing live.

Ok. are you me? Lol I just saw franz and dcfc (one of my fave bands ever and I also love rockin out to ff) but yeah. they were spectacular. ff really surprised me with their awesomeness. I don't remember hearing come all over me, michael... maybe i was singing too loud. lol. I didn't expect it to be that great- they have such high energy and they played their best stuff from their two cds so I was one happy girl. dcfc was almost perfection. if they playes tiny vessels and coney island I would have been complete. Alas... well why alas they played such great songs including most their new album and transatlanticism. a couple weeks/days ago I went to see clap your hands and say yeah! I love them and they're from Brooklyn so I had to go. THey are such fun. Oh so I'm from Brooklyn, NY (which is why I really wanted to hear coney island since I'm from there... but FF has a song Eleanor Put Your Boots Back on or something and it's about brooklyn! I was so excited.) So sorry for rambling!buzzed!comment. Although you should get used to it :P Especially since I gave up aim before finals started so I have a need to type to people.

Oh man The Strokes and Coldplay! You're killing me. My friend took this fabulous pic from a coldplay concert recently... Here it is, but I wrote on it and cropped it:

Arctic Monkeys! I heard I would love them... but I never heard anything by them yet. Boo :( I have a weak spot for rap and r&b. Love to dance.... but yeah not that much good stuff out.

Oh man Green Day surprised the f-ck out of me. I saw Saves the Day/Blink12/Green Day a couple years ago and I went mainly for Std and B182 because I haven't listen to green day since junior high but they stole the show. I was like wow. You guys rock harder than ever... then they came out with boulevard of broken dreams and wake me up when september ends... old and rockin out. i love their eyeliner :P billie is quite the sexpot.

Ooh yay for easy finals. I have 1/2 more left. I am done next tuesday!! yays. good luck for friday :/ lol. you thought you were rambly!

I'm just excited someone on my f-list has teh awesome taste in music :D
Miss Sophia: Rufus takes it offmiss_sophia on May 4th, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
OMG, that picture is GORGEOUS. How on earth did your friend take such a nice, close-up journalistic-type picture at a concert?

Oh, man, "Cigs & Chocolate Milk" and "Hallelujah"? *sigh* "Hallelujah" is sort of what brought me to Rufus Wainwright. I would have loved to hear him sing that live. I love almost everything he's done, but if I had to pick favorites, it would be "Hallelujah," "I Don't Know What It Is," and "Greek Song." Oh, and "Agnus Dei" is also kinda special, because I listened to it looking up at Edinburgh Castle, and it was all transcendent and amazing. I'll write up more of that experience when I post my London/Edinburgh blog. (I went there during spring break.)

Unfortunately, I won't be seeing anything from Want Two, I'm afraid. For the concert I'm going to, Rufus is doing the entire Judy Garland 1961 Carnegie Hall concert (at Carnegie Hall). I'm actually not at all a fan of that type of music, but then again I wouldn't have thought myself into whatever type of music it is that Rufus normally does, so I'm expecting to be more than pleasantly surprised. And I can't promise that I won't try to sneak backstage and convince him to let me into his fag harem. Has he done a Want Two tour yet? Well, I'm hoping he throws in a couple of his own things anyway. Yeah, "Maker Makes" would be delightful. *hopes*

Oh, I'm so glad FF and DC were so good, even if I didn't get to see them myself. I definitely will the next time around, though. Man, there's just so much good music out right now.

And hey, my whole dad's side of the family is from Brooklyn. I never lived there myself, but I visited there many times. :)

You've not heard "I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor"? That's the big Arctic Monkeys song out right now. Actually, it's kind of pathetic to admit this, but I initially got into a lot of these bands because Dan Radcliffe recommended them. Kid's got good taste in music, yo!

The rap and R&B--I was a huuuuuuuge fan until recently. It just sucks these days. The one staple I thought I could count on, Eminem, is busy singing lameass songs to his daughter, and the rest of it is just random crap over a beat and a hook. And now that I've gotten into alternative and indie music, I'm realizing how much nicer it is to appreciate artists who write their own songs and play their own instruments. But rap and R&B are definitely great for dancing.

AAAAAH, you saw Green Day, too--and songs from "American Idiot"? Oh, you lucky lucky creature! That album is 100% genius. I'm convinced it's the best album ever created (although I have to admit that I love "Dookie" somethin' awful). And the eyeliner is definitely teh hot. I don't know why, but I'm a sucka for a guy in eyeliner. Here, have a smexy Rufus-in-eyeliner icon. *points*
jenn: trent as severusso_severus on May 5th, 2006 04:51 am (UTC)
he is one lucky concerter. I think he sees about 2 a month since I've known him (high school) so that's like a billion concerts lol

He was in the front row or second for the coldplay concert. he took some amazing pics.

oh cools about london/edinburgh - I want to go so bad. After finals are over I will post about Mexico (I went there for a class during Spring Break).

I don't know if he's done a want two tour. I would love to go if there was one! There really is so much good music. It's about time. :/ I feel like I listen to the same thing all the time.

I haven't heard any "new" music because I don't have a radio and there's never any music on vh1 or mtv. lol

dookie is one of the best albums of all time!!! mmm sexy rufus.
Miss Sophiamiss_sophia on May 5th, 2006 06:49 pm (UTC)
Wow, your friend has it really really good! He must constantly be on Ticketmaster.com. Seriously, that picture is something I'd expect to see in a newspaper or as an official pic on the Coldplay Web site or something.

Man, I quit watching VH1 and MTV ages ago. It's all crappy reality shows. I think it's because of our satellite radio that I'm getting to know all these groups. And Dan Rad, of course. :)
jenn: brightest smileso_severus on May 5th, 2006 08:28 pm (UTC)
danrad does have really good tastes, so does elijah wood. they both mentioned bands at some point and I either bought the mentioned cd or dled music and fell in love with the bands. With danrad I heard of one song by the arcade fire and then he mentioned them and I got the whole, spectacular album :D