Miss Sophia (miss_sophia) wrote,
Miss Sophia

I'm such a blasted fangirl

Ganked from petitecrivan, a meme of joy and happiness!

What do the Harry Potter actors think of you? by hailme
Random #
Dan thinks..you have great taste in music
Rupert thinks..you're cute
Tom thinks..'I wonder if she likes me?'
Oliver thinks..you're the most beautiful girl he's ever seen
James thinks..you should date Rupert
Chris (Percy) thinks..you're cool
Robert (Cedric) thinks..you have great taste in music
Stanislav (Krum) thinks..you're hot
Who likes you the most:James Phelps
Who you will end up with:Daniel Radcliffe
Quiz created with MemeGen!

If somehow Rufus Wainwright managed to make it on there (e.g., Rufus Wainwright thinks he should be your gay boyfriend), then all would be complete in my world. Hmm, if he could just get hired to score HBP, he could be associated with the HP franchise, and then...


Yeah, I know. Not gonna happen. But a fangirl can dream, right?

I'm very disturbed by the fact that I kept typing "Rupert Wainwright" instead of "Rufus Wainwright."

It would also be a bit awesomer if Rob Pattinson thinks that I have great taste in opium.
Tags: fangirling, harry potter, meme, rufus wainwright

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