Miss Sophia (miss_sophia) wrote,
Miss Sophia

Celebrity sighting!

My husband was in the Starbucks nearest to Coolidge Corner (Boston) a couple of days ago and saw Steven Tyler of Aerosmith coming out of the bathroom. He said Steven Tyler's not particularly tall--maybe 5'7" or 5'8"--and he was wearing cargo pants and has a really big mouth (well, duh). He was with some sort of hot model-y looking chick (of course), and he drives a baby blue Mercedes with Massachusetts license plates "OH YEAH" (something like that). I wonder if he maintains a residence here in Boston.

Which celebs have y'alls met or sighted?

I've met Harry Connick, Jr., Angelina Jolie, Patch Adams (talked to him on the phone, too), Mr. Rogers (my parents used to go to church with him!), Shawn Hatosy (sort of a Hollywood almost-was; I was in a musical with him back in the early 1990s), Dominique Dawes (the American Olympic gymnast; I went to junior high with her), Steven Francis (the basketball player; I didn't really know him, but he did go to my high school), and Kim Young Sam (former president of South Korea). And I've got a very very good friend from high school who was in a couple of recent movies, on Broadway, and in a national tour of a musical. (HI, BIG T!!! *smooch*)
Tags: big t, celeb sighting

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