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Mmm, more syphilis

Fellow Libertine anyaxstrindberg has asked some compelling questions. Answers are as follows:

1) Everyone loves a marauder, but there must be at least ONE baddie or weird minor charachter you harbor a strange curiosity about. Who is it and why?

Oh, I love the baddies. In fact, I think I may be one of those rare Gryffindors and Sirius fangirls who wouldn't change a thing about any of the baddies, especially Snape. I really don't understand how anyone can argue seriously for any of the villains to be changed for the better. The good vs. evil aspect of the series is so compelling. If the bad guys were suddenly good, we'd have a really boring set of books.

As for a particular character of the bad persuasion of whom I'm strangely curious about, it's definitely one Tom Riddle. What was the factor or combination of factors that caused him to be so utterly sociopathic? Was it because he was the product of a manipulated relationship, perhaps in the same way that Sadako and Samara of Ringu and The Ring, respectively, may have been products of some sort of deal with (the d)evil? Was it his growing up in an orphanage without much personal attention and love? Was it his family's history of mental instability? Was it his overabundance of intelligence? Tom Riddle as Voldemort is a little less compelling; he's more of a "Muahahaha!" caricature of a villain. (I may have lifted that idea from Red Hen, BTW.) But when he was still Tom Riddle, he was a HELL of a personality, and I'm completely intrigued by what went wrong for him and how/whether it could have been different.

2) Favorite piece of junky clothing you wouldn't be caught dead in outside the house, and why are you holding on to it?

I would've said "my high school sweaters," but my husband forced me to get rid of those a while ago. In the absence of them, it's this fleecey, bright deep/dark pink pullover thing with some black embroidery design. It looks far more frightening than it sounds. But I keep it around (a) because it's insanely warm and comfortable and (b) it was a present, and I have a sort of hangup about keeping presents from other people, no matter how wretched they are.

3) Ultimate fantasy career- y'know KGB Spy, Bond girl, Sirius Blacks leather trousers, Pirate? What would it be and why?

My fantasy career would have to combine writing, humor, travel, and fame (because I'm a wicked fame whore). I think that it might be "being JKR." But I'd still want to be myself, of course, so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm thinking that some whacked-out combo of travel writing, sitcom/screenplay writing, and constant interview-on-TV giving would suit me quite well.

Or I could just be Sirius's leather trousers. I think that might actually be the better choice. Nonono, I got it: Rufus Wainwright's leather trousers! Ah, that would be pants indeed.

4) The most magical or comforting moment at your wedding or another very important event?

My wedding was very much teh awesome; I mean, when else are you going to have almost everyone who's anyone in your life all gathered together in the same room to cry about what a wonderful relationship you have with your significant other?

For sheer magic, however, the prize goes to my first trip to the Caribbean to visit J-, who is now my husband. He was going to med school there, and I was up here in Boston. It was November and damn cold in Boston, and so it was completely incredible to step off the plane into the humid, balmy Caribbean air. The evening was slightly marred by my luggage not being at the airport (it was delivered later that evening, I believe), but everything else was so perfect. The best part was when we went to this outdoor French restaurant on this sort of lagoon. The tree frogs were croaking, the ocean was making that soft sort of lapping noise, and the air just had this special vibe in it, like you were in another world that couldn't possibly exist on Earth. And it was only the second time J- and I had seen each other in person, so there was so much to talk about. It really doesn't get more romantic than that.

5) Very favorite "odd" body part? Do you have like really oddly attractive knees, or spectacular forearms?

I love my eyes and my eyebrows. My eyes are sort of almond shaped and green, and my eyebrows are perfectly arched (I'm good with tweezers!). And I think I have sort of an intense stare, which probably weirds some people out, but other people probably find strangely compelling.

I also have a much-admired rack, although I find that it sometimes gets a bit in the way. But it sure does bring all the boys to the yard.

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