June 26th, 2010

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After the End (LOST crack!fic)

I don't think I've written a single (non-RPG-related) fanfic in over four years, and what I had written prior to the four-year-long hiatus was almost exclusively Harry Potter based. (For the record, I took the break from fic writing not because I was sick of it -- I actually have been dying to get back to Yellow for a long time now -- but first because I got sucked into my RPG, and second because of the whole "need to ban myself from hobbies that I could get obsessed with or else I'll never get this damn master's degree" thing.) So it's a bit bizarre that the first piece of fic I've written in almost half a decade is not an HP fic, but a LOST one. Anyway, even though the ban is still in effect, and will be until I graduate in December, I couldn't help breaking it shortly after the LOST finale, because there was this bit of silliness I couldn't get out of my head otherwise. I hope you enjoy.

Title: After the End
Author: miss_sophia
Characters: Hurley, Ben
Pairings: None
Rating: PG-13 for one silly hatesex mention (not between Hurley and Ben, you sicko!)
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for LOST finale
Summary: Hurley sets the rules.
Disclaimer: I avow no ownership of, or claim to, the characters of LOST, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter.
Author’s Note: This is a silly, but hopefully somewhat poignant, piece of crack inspired by the idea that with the Smoke Monster dead and gone, protecting the island is actually a very boring job. The title is a tribute to the first Harry Potter überfic I read. I apologize for any inaccuracies related to the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references, as I have seen only the original three Star Wars movies (sorry, Hurley!) and none of the Lord of the Rings ones (sorry, Dwight Schrute!).
Word Count: 1,947

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