December 8th, 2008

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Love, Outings, and Onesies

Everyone needs a little anonymous fangirling from time to time, right? So if you feel like it, drop on by my thread at this year's Secret Santa Style Holiday Love Meme and tell me why I sparkle harder than Edward Cullen.

Last night was another good night from Meghan. We were at a friend's house for dinner, and she fell asleep around 8:30 or 9 after I had nursed her there. We left maybe half an hour later, and when we got home, I had expected she would wake up and I'd have to nurse her back to sleep (which is more mommy friendly than the alternative, which is letting her cry until she falls asleep), but it turned out that it was as easy as bringing her in the house and putting her in her crib! (She was already in her PJs -- her Red Sox ones :) -- as we had changed her when she started getting tired after dinner.) EASIEST BEDTIME EVER, YAY! I'm not used to just setting her down and going about my business! Anyway, she slept until around 4:30, so another 8 hours from her, more or less! I was fairly satisfied with 6 hours in a row; 8 is a dream!

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Anyway, then it was off to the newly renovated National Museum of American History with the several brave souls from hp_dcmetro who fought the terrible Boston-style frigid wind to meet up. We had a great time deeply absorbing the exhibits shooting the shit and amusing ourselves with the sculpted Imperiused George Washington statue (and his big feet and long...sword) and Meghan's upside-down antics. And in_a_tizzy and I made the incredible discovery that I knew her fiancé when he was 1 year old, because his mom used to babysit me before and after school when I was in 5th and 6th grade! I was also friends with his sister, who was one year below me in school. Small world, man, small world. Anyhow, if you live in the DC metro area, come join us next time!

Also discussed during the outing: My absolute need to make or buy a onesie that says, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." And quite possibly "Mischief managed!" on the back. Meghan needs some HP threads, man! One of the activities at my baby shower was making puffy paint onesies, which is why she proudly rocks clothes that say things like, "That's what SHE said!", "Made in China" (which is a snark at Jack's parents, who hate China -- they are Taiwanese -- and go on and on about how you should never buy anything made in China), and "The results are in... You are NOT the father!" Although these onesies just might be the best Maury onesies ever. Anyway, the onesie activity was really fun, but nothing HP related came out of it, and this must be rectified.

In other news, I'm hosting Meghan's playgroup tomorrow (well, Monday, so today) at our house, which I'm pretty excited about. I was sort of against the playgroup idea for a while, just because I didn't like the idea of randomly getting to know strangers just so our kids could play together. I've got a few friends with kids Meghan's age, more or less, in this area, so I was just going to stick to them. But then I realized that I need to provide her with regular activities and opportunities for social interaction, and it's good to get out of the house and meet people. Our days go by so much faster when there are activities involved. So I joined this local mom's Yahoo! group that a good friend had recommended, and the people there seem to be really cool so far. The playgroup is a teeny, tiny subset of that; last time, which was also the first time, four of us met up at a nearby mall (since no one was able to host it at their house that day) and got to know each other. The kids didn't get to play much, since it's hard to do that at a mall, but we moms got to chat, and that was really nice. So I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. My house isn't all that babyproofed, but that didn't seem to phase the others, so I'm trying to relax about that and just enjoy the interaction.

OK, it's 1 already, so off to bed!