November 21st, 2008

My Fandom Brings All the Wank to the Yar

And this is why I am glad my perfectionism is making me jump through hoops to backread my flist

cleolinda may have mastered the art of writing Movies in Fifteen Minutes, but author_by_night has written Harry Potter in Two Minutes (yes, the entire series), and I deem it an instant classic. Of course, spoilers for all seven books are there, so don't click if you're like the 1% of the world's population who hasn't read them. (I say this because I recently started giving out this blog address to RL and non-fandom friends, who are probably going to be scared away by all the fandom stuff, but hey, I wear my geekery with pride!)

This is the sort of entry I miss when I think about how fandom appears to have quieted down a bit ever since the series ended. It's a humorous commentary on the series and fandom itself, and that sort of thing was all over the fic and meta communities back in the day. And it's what I love about most crack!fics -- they make fun of fan fiction tropes, and we can always afford to laugh at ourselves.

*back to more perfectionistic backreading before catching some zzzz's while Meghan sleeps*