October 29th, 2008

Circle K


So I was watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TLC during the last half-hour before I put Meghan to bed (yeah, yeah, I know, TV for kids = bad, but it was a nice, chill activity, and I rarely watch TV around her anymore), and this commercial came on for three shows they're airing Sunday night on TLC. All three caught my eye, but one of them in particular was awesome. Or at least awesomely titled.

Purity Balls.

Which are apparently father-daughter formals where girls sign a pledge to their fathers that they will remain virgins until they get married.

OK, so the subject is a bit frightening. I'm not against people making a choice to stay abstinent until marriage, but to sign a pledge to one's father on the subject seems rather extreme...and what about the poor mother? Doesn't she get any recognition? It just seems creepy and paternalistic to me. But anyway, given that very subject, the title is wonderful.

It's actually the least interesting to me out of the three programs (probably because of the creep factor); the other two are I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (FINALLY, people who are going to explain this crazy phenomenon, because seriously, after having been pregnant myself, YA KIND OF CAN'T MISS THE SIGNS AFTER A CERTAIN POINT, like when the baby, you know, KICKS AND MOVES AND YOUR BELLY MOVES LIKE THERE'S AN ALIEN SHIFTING AROUND INSIDE DOING THE WAVE! So even if you're one of those people who has intermittent bleeding/spotting throughout the pregnancy, there comes a point where ya sort of HAVE to know, and I'd like to see someone explain how they honestly didn't) and Painted Babies at 17 (which is a follow-up to a 1995 documentary about child beauty pageant participants, showing what two of the girls who were in it, and are now 17, are up to and how their stage moms and beauty pageant pasts (and present?) have affected their lives...I'm always a sucker for this sort of stuff).

Gah, reality TV, you are always sucking me in. I also got hooked on the second season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Forget Crazy Gary Oldman; now there's a new Crazy Gary in town: CRAZY GARY BUSEY OMG!!! That guy is a total freak.

But I pledge not to watch any further seasons of A Shot at Love (anyway, Tila Tequila swore she wouldn't do another, so they're getting another bachelorette, at least according to something I read somewhere on the Internets), and I'm certainly going nowhere near Rock of Love Charm School. Why the hell is Sharon Osbourne on that thing? Sharon Osbourne : charm :: Purity Balls : not at all creepy.

Yes, I do have the worst taste in TV ever. It's all I can do to prevent myself from watching paternity tests on Maury every day. Hey, at least I'm honest.
Maury - You ARE the father

Irresistible crack

So I've gone ahead and put myself down for two scenario prompts over at hp_crackdealers:

(1) After the war, the Malfoys get off light, but their family assets have been seized, and no one wants to employ them. As a last shot at making a living, they form a wizard rock band... and become a success. Pairing: gen, or Harry/Draco.

(2) As a result of a time travel accident, the original four Founders of Hogwarts have been replaced by Umbridge, Lockhart, Trelawney or Luna, and Filch. What is the new Hogwarts like (house colours, badges, Sorting criteria, placement of the Trio...)?

The first one is going to make me do some research on wizard rock. I'm well aware of what it is, and at Lumos I saw Harry and the Potters and a couple of other acts, but I want to know enough to write good crack!fic. And sadly, the prospect of doing this research is making me quite gleeful. As for the second prompt, it's got a lot of gold to mine, so the "only" prep I'll be doing is rereading canon (which I was doing anyway, because I want to get back to Yellow, the poor neglected WIP überfic of my heart and soul, but I feel like I've lost touch with canon, not having read it for going on three years, aside from a single read of Deathly Hallows).

And now the crack and my prior post on reality TV have made me want to write a fic that...well, I won't give too much away, but let's just say it's a crossover between Harry Potter and The Maury Povich Show. Perhaps that shall also give me an excuse to do "canon research" on Maury (i.e., watching more episodes). *shiftyeyes*