October 14th, 2008

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Pimpage: "Tell The Man What You Want!"

By way of nqdonne:

flourish, by virtue of MIT's Comparative Media Studies program, is going to have "a number of opportunities in the future (some of them in the immediate future) to talk to people who set policies about fanfiction" and is thereby asking us what we, as fans, would want to say to such people. She plans to pass along our responses to the people with whom she meets. It's a really fascinating topic, and so I just wanted to pimp her request for comments. It's here; please have at!
Meghan - Sweet potato smile


Flat-screen TV, bought with Daddy's Mastercard: $1700
Red Sox onesie, bought with Daddy's Mastercard: $20
Cheering for the Red Sox with Mommy and Daddy: PRICELESS

The quality of the picture's not that great because it was taken with my iPhone and Meghan kept moving. (And yes, that is a Mastercard she is chewing on! I had just finished buying a plane ticket to go throw a baby shower for my BFF in Georgia, so it was lying around and Meghan picked it up.)

Unfortunately, the Sox are getting their asses handed to them by Tampa Bay right now. The score was 12-2 when I last saw; Jack couldn't take it anymore and turned the game off.

To make up for the game of epic fail and the dubious picture quality, here is another pic of my little Red Sox fan: