September 14th, 2008

Voldemort is Bush! Aaah!

More lulz, this time of the political, rather than sparkly, ilk

From moirarogers, who got it from Dean magelette, who got it from Pavarti aliaspiral:

I've been refraining from posting anything political, just because I'd rather laugh at Twilight than dwell on such depressing, and possibly wanky, matters, but there were lulz in this, so I thought I'd pass it on. The best moment happens when...well, just wait for it. A couple of unexpected people arrive. I totally LOLed!
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Ten things about yours truly

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1. My best friend and I made it to the semifinal round of casting for The Amazing Race season 5. The lady who called to tell us that they wanted to interview us on tape for that round told us that they loved us and that somehow our videotape had gotten lost, but when they came across it, they knew they HAD to consider us, even though they had already pretty much made their semifinal selections by that point. Unfortunately, we got cut after that round, but we are not giving up on the dream! However, it is postponed for now, since I've got an almost-six-month-old daughter and my best friend is due with her first child, a boy, on New Year's Day.

2. I'm not Chinese, but I speak it.

3. I'm not Cambodian, but I did Cambodian dancing, both classical and folk, for four years. I'd like my daughter to follow in my footsteps, if she's interested. And maybe someday I'll go back to it, after I lose my baby weight and have more time.

4. I look like the picture in my icon. *points*

5. Back in the days when I used to go trick-or-treating, I would trade most of my candy for chocolate, since I don't like candy. And then I would hoard my stash, but rarely eat any of it. Come springtime, my mom would find the loot in a bag in my closet and throw it out, because it was old and crusty. I think I just liked to have things, but not necessarily use them.

6. I hate cleaning, but I do like arranging and rearranging things. Two examples: (1) When I was a teenager, I would be the one to take all of the Christmas presents down and put them under the tree. And what I would do is arrange all of them under there and then pull them all out and put them back again in a new configuration. And then I'd do it all over again...and again...and again. (2) Also when I was a teenager, when the fall was approaching, I'd take all my brand-new school supplies and arrange them in my backpack. And then I'd take them out again. And put them back in.

7. I met my husband on years ago, before everyone and their dog was doing it!

8. I lived in the Caribbean for six months.

9. I gave birth to my daughter naturally, without any epidural or other pain relief.

10. I was voted "Most Studious" in 8th grade, "Chatterbox of the Year" in 10th grade, and "Most Flirtatious" in 12th grade. What a progression! :D

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