September 3rd, 2008

Writing with Quill

My laptop is a TANK! All hail Steve Jobs!

My laptop lives!!!!

No, wait, that sentence deserves to sparkle like Edward Cullen:

MY LAPTOP LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!


I put the battery back in this morning, plugged in the power cord, and tried to turn the computer on, but no dice; there was no response at all to my pressing the power button repeatedly or to holding it down. I had given up the computer for dead, and my husband were discussing options for purchasing a MacBook Air, when I decided to give it another shot. One press of the power button and we were back in action! I guess the computer needed to realize that it was indeed plugged in and juiced up (as well as, um, juice dried)? Or maybe it felt jealous at the talk of the MacBook Air? I dunno, but THANK GOODNESS! It would be so nice to get the MacBook Air, but I feel that I really ought to run this computer more into the ground first, as I don't do a whole lot on here besides play around on the Internet (although I do have a years-overdue school paper and a thesis to write, but that doesn't take a whole lot of processing power either). Heh, at the rate I'm going, though, I'm going to run it into the ground quite quickly. >> Anyway, I'd really rather have this computer back than be forced to run out and get a new one without a whole lot of planning buildup. We're also really trying hard to pay off our mondo credit card debts, and I'd hate to set us back a grand and a half because I moved my hand too quickly and spilled a freakin' glass of orange juice. As long as this laptop is functional, I'm more than willing to keep it!

Thank you so much to divka for the advice about taking the battery out and letting the computer dry out! I guess cats aren't the only entities who have nine lives; PowerBook G4s have at least that number! I just remembered that in addition to this debacle, the problems I caused with my power cord and DC power supply hookup thingy (the place you plug in the power cord; I might be getting the name wrong) by repeatedly tripping over the power cord, and the issue with the Firefox cache problem trying to destroy my operating system (haHA, at least one incident was not my fault!), I also wore out my keyboard from too much use *cough*LJ*cough* and had to replace it, and this laptop has been dropped down the stairs at least twice (luckily, I managed to grab it before it hit more than a couple of steps both times -- didn't notice my own bruises until well after I had checked out the computer to make sure it was OK) and dropped on the floor a good several times as well. Maybe the lesson is that I shouldn't be trusted with it???

I = the Bella Swan of computer klutziness, without a side of Sueish adorableness? :O

All right, spicedogs, it is now official: Apple computers are built to last! Tell Mr. CHEATED that he'd better not aim any of his cynicism toward Macs again!

*dances, celebrates, and sparkles!*

ETA: I know one of y'all would have beered me Cassie Claired me a laptop if this one had died, right? Right? XD
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