September 1st, 2008

Writing with Quill

Pikachu/Edward Cullen RP excerpt added to crack!fic reccs

It's been a long time since I've updated my (mostly) Harry Potter humor and crack!fic reccs, but a posting on bad_rpers_suck prompted me to make an addition. Dude, Edward Cullen (aka Sparklepire)/Pikachu:

Title: Untitled Gaia RP
Author: Unknown
Summary: As stated by the person who reported it on bad_rpers_suck: "Yes, I found this in a REAL roleplay on Gaia. It was an Advanced Elite Literate crossover of Pokemon, Twilight, and Naruto. Pikachu, from my further reading of posts, had the ability to transform into a human form. Edward was being destroyed by some ninjas because he dared to 'defile' his 'pure vampire blood' with that of a Pokemon shapeshifter. Apparently, Pikachu was really Ash's father in disguise."
Rating: PG (or R, but only for "ridiculous")
Additional Warnings:
Pairings: Edward Cullen (Twilight series)/Pikachu
Date of Publication: August or September 2008, most likely
Number of Chapters: none -- only a small sample given in the bad_rpers_suck posting
Completed?: No idea, but I hope it carries on for a very long time
Miss Sophia's Comments: The person who reported this on bad_rpers_suck is convinced it's a serious RP, not intentional crack. I can't see how it's not intentional crack, but either way, it's far better than Edward/Bella. I mean, dude, it has this line: "Honey-and-Goldenrod-Wheat orbs slammed into ones unconceived of life." And apparently Edward and Pikachu first "made pleasure" to a Celine Dion song. This has to be crack. Either way, it's cracktastic.

The entire list of reccs is linked in my right-hand sidebar, or you can access it here. Feel free to browse. And hey, I was out of LJ/fandom for over two years, so if you've seen anything cracky in the Harry Potter genre, including crossovers, please link me and I'll check it out! I want to get this list going again. Also, if you see any good Twilight-related crack!fics, including outrageous pairings (written humorously, whether intentionally so or not), let me know; I think I'm going to have a section on my list for those. (And yes, I am well aware of "Growing Up Cullen" and will be adding its various versions to my list at some point.)

And since we're talking about Pikachu, here, have some Voldemort/Pikachu. Can't believe that thing is over five years old already!