August 26th, 2008

Twilight - Edward Maybelline

If only this were the REAL Twilight trailer...

Ganked from nqdonne:

At first, I thought they were splicing footage of the actual trailer into this -- that's how closely the actors here resemble RPattz & co. ...or how bad my eyesight is. Either way, this is far better than the movie could possibly be...although I'm convinced that the movie will have to be WAAAAY better than the book, just because it's hard to suck more than that. Either way, it will be hilariously bad. And I will have to resist the temptation to pay money and see that trainwreck on a big screen.

Having a small child definitely helps. Although there are special matinees for moms with young kids. *shakes head and refuses to fund the SMeyer failchise*

In sleep-related news, Meghan got five hours in a row (of which I got two hours, because I stayed up until past 1 am screwing around on LJ *facepalm*), so perhaps the lack of daytime naps helped. She might have gotten even more, I dunno, but my cat decided to use her litterbox at 3 am and then sharpen her claws on the carpet in the hallway, and she was not quiet about either activity, so that might have been what woke Meghan up. *sigh* It wasn't that big a deal, though, because then she slept for another four or so hours, and then after feeding her, I let her play in her crib by herself while I dozed...after which we both took a nap together on my bed. So I feel a bit more rested! :D
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Twilight - Edward Maybelline

LOL sparklepire

In case you haven't already seen it, there's a LOLarious Twilight movie poster out there (behind an LJ cut because it's sort of large, and I don't want to sparkle up your Friends pages):

Collapse )

Now, it's not nearly as bad as the infamous Entertainment Weekly cover...

Collapse )

...what with its awkward nippletastic pose, zombie eyes, side-buckling belt, not-very-statuelike-or-Greek-God-esque chest hair, and wack makeup job. But it's still LOLarious, mainly because (1) I have no idea how/why Edward is hovering so high above Bella (inability to fly just might be his one non-Sueish attribute) and (2) Edward's OMGamber eyes look like a bad Photoshop job (hello, have you ever heard of 1-800-CONTACTS?). And (2 1/2) speaking of bad Photoshop jobs, the two lines of white text on there are barely readable and in a really blah font, as if the designer had decided it wasn't worth his/her time to bother.

God, I can't get enough of Twilight. Is there such a thing as an antifandom? If so, I think I just might be a card-carrying member.

Apologies to anyone on my flist who genuinely likes this canon. It's nothing personal against you! Feel free to go on loving the canon; hell, I'm addicted to The Maury Povich Show (paternity tests FTW!), so my tastes are highly questionable to begin with. It's just my opinion. ;)
Twilight - Edward Maybelline

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