May 6th, 2006

Writing with Quill


Ganked from calzamante:

Your HP Threesome
by FayeValentine00
Your Username
Number of your Fav HP book
It will happen inthe Great Hall
WithFred Weasley
AndSirius Black
Duringthe final battle
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Dude, that's fucking hot. I may have to write this fanfic. The only challenge, of course, is in the Bring Back Black aspect (unless Fred's fallen through the veil, too--OH NOES!).
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Writing with Quill

Shameless whoring

So, amyshaped is hosting an envy meme, and what you're supposed to do is go over and post anonymously under my entry to tell me all the things you envy about me. I've never done one of these things, so hell, I'll give it a try. Seems rather ego-strokey, but hey, if you wanna stroke me, go for it. I'll purr.

ETA: If you wanna say nice shit about me, you're welcome to do it nonanonymously, too. It's not like saying nice shit will offend me or anything. ;)