April 16th, 2006

Hermione openmouthed on train

Lumos 2006: Help a sista out!

So now that fandom and RL have started to overlap a bit, thanks to hp_boston, I realize that I completely fucked up by not buying a ticket to Lumos 2006. When I didn't know any fandom people in RL, it seemed kind of daunting to show up at Lumos not knowing anybody. Now that I've met a bunch of damn cool people and heard about how awesome The Witching Hour was, I'm sooooooo regretting not having bought a registration ticket when I had the chance...and now they're all sold out. :( How am I supposed to gather together and squee with fellow fangirls if I don't have a ticket? How am I supposed to show off my resplendent Hermioneness without that official registration badge? How am I supposed to give a certain Mr. Draco P. Malfoy the hex he has coming if I cannot get in the doors?

So...if any of y'all know of someone who cannot use his or her Lumos 2006 registration, please hook a sista up! I'm willing to pay for it, of course. :)

Muchos gracias, peeps!
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