March 25th, 2006

Writing with Quill

What the fuckity fuck, LJ?!

So I had a lot of free time today when I should've been studying, but totally wasn't, and I thought it would be a good time to read new entries from y'all wonderful people on my flist. But every time I opened my Friends page, there was nothing new. It was like this from like just after noon or so until now (midnight). And I was like, WTF, why the hell is LJ so dead today? Are all the people on my flist out on the town or something?

Just now, I had a little hunch, and so after I loaded my Friends page again to find that there was STILL nothing new, I hit the Refresh button on my browser's toolbar. And voila, tons of new entries. o_O

WTF, LJ? Why did I have to refresh in order to see the new stuff??? Or maybe it's my browser? Either way, I'm extremely annoyed and wish I had thought of this earlier.


*off to read flist*
Writing with Quill

As if I needed more procrastination activities...

Yesterday heralded in three events that I predict shall cause my already dire procrastination complex to take a huge turn for the worst: (1) I watched all of Arabella and Moey's fan films over at discobat, (2) my friend showed me some of the basics of using iMovie, and (3) I got my GoF DVD (thank you, Mom!). This is a horribly lethal combination. There is at least an 87% chance of extreme procrastination for the next few months the rest of my life.

In other news, I think I finally caught up on sleep. It sucks to have woken up at noon, though. I hate sleeping through large chunks of the day. But I suppose it was necessary to make up for having barely slept over the previous three nights. Damn you, sleep, why must I waste perfectly good living time on you???
Writing with Quill

New crack!fic added to my recc list

Full summary information for Adolf Hitler and the Strange Discovery, a Harry Potter/NSYNC/Hitler ficlet, can be found at the bottom of my list of recommended humour and crack!fics. I'll just repeat one of the warnings here, because of the sensitive nature of the issue: If Hitler parody isn't for you, then don't read this. You might have seen this fic before, as it was written over three years ago. But I just discovered it, so it's new to me.