March 21st, 2006

Writing with Quill

Wishing I were still in London...

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Anyway, I owe a bunch of people comments, and I'm really behind on reading all y'all flist people's stuff, so forgive me as I play catchup, OK?

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Sometime this week, I will post a travel blog with lots of photos and my usual banter, so y'all can get to see the awesomeness that was my trip to London and Edinburgh. I'm gonna try to upload the photos to my mom's Web site tonight so I can post them here directly. Yes, my mom has a real Web site and I don't. And I'm the one who went to a special high school for technology dorks. I actually am really technology retarded these days. But I can write you a great Pascal program, dammit! (And let's not even get into Turtle LOGO or BASIC, man!)

Before that, though, there's some other randomness I need to post. It will appear shortly.

Cheers, love! (I know, I know, I'm American, and I can't say that without sounding like a total tool. But maybe it's OK when it's just written? )
Cracka Please

Give me your crack...

Give me your crack, your pr0n,
Your strangest pairings yearning to get it on.
The weirdest slashes in your dirty mind.
Bowtruckle/Vapormort--yeah, that kind.
Let unlikely pairings become entwined!

Dumbledore/Dobby? Been there, done that. Crabbe/Goyle? Yawn. Draco/Whomping Willow? Soooooooo 2005. It's time for some REAL crack, people.

You are hereby challenged to write the crackiest crack!pairings that ever cracked. We shall call this challenge "Get Crackin' 2006".

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The result?

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I responded with the following:

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But more crack remains unwritten! For example, I suggested the following on the F_W thread:

Hagrid/Mark Evans

The talking mirror at The Leaky Cauldron/Umbridge's bitch quill
A bowtruckle/Voldemort-under-Quirrell's-turban
The monster in Harry's chest/a pinch of Floo powder
Sir Cadogan/a bottle of Felix Felicis
Slughorn/crystallized pineapple (oh wait, that might be in canon)

But don't let these ideas limit you! The Potterverse is full of characters, creatures, inanimate objects, and spells that are all simply itching to GET IT ON.

Do you feel a Bezoar/Dementor plot bunny scratching at your door? Is the thought of sweet love between Harry's trainers and Tom Riddle's diary consuming your thoughts? When you lie down to go to sleep, do visions of Wingardium Leviosa/Crucio play in front of your closed eyelids?

If so, write it and comment to this post with a link.

Writing with Quill

LJ, Please!

Well, damn. One thing that sucks about LJ is that if you change the keywords for a particular icon, then anywhere you had used the icon under the old name, the icon changes to your default icon--even in comments you've made in other people's LJs.

That really annoys the crap out of me. I'm sort of anal, and it's killing me that there are places where people have responded with some sort of icon love, and now that icon has been replaced by my "srsly" icon (my default). I can fix that in my journal entries, but not in comments--even comments in my own entries. Bah.

*grumble grumble try to be more organized with my icon names, and look where it gets me grumble grumble*