March 5th, 2006

Writing with Quill

Greetings from London!

All right, this shall be a short entry, because I have only around 7 minutes left on the Internet before I have to pay another pound, but I just wanted to give everyone on my flist a shout-out from London! London, baby, woo-hoo!

I'll post commentary and photos, but that might not happen until after I return to the U.S. on March 12. But I'll log on probably at least once a day with little updates, since I am apparently addicted to the Internet.

First impressions? Loving LOVING the accents. Everything is sort of mini-sized (e.g., our triple room in the hotel is TINY). People are really polite. Taxis are old-style cars that look like they won't hold much luggage, but surprisingly managed to hold WAY more luggage than a U.S. taxi! Food is VERY expensive. The " and @ keys are switched on the computer keyboard.

All right, gotta go before I have to pay again!
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    Jamie Cullum, "London Skies"
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