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Reasons that today is awesome

1. The sun is shining.
2. My hair is looking fly.
3. My laptop will be ready by tomorrow.

I didn't get off to a good start, either. I had set my alarm for 6 and 6:15, so that I could shower, take my husband to the airport, come back, and make it to class on time. Yeah. When the alarms went off, I think I got confused about what I was supposed to do (get up, duh!), so I just shut them and went back to sleep. That meant I had to shower after returning from the airport, which caused me to be an hour and fifteen minutes late to my (three-hour-long) class.

But from there, things started looking much, much better. The laptop's gonna cost me $325, but it's completely worth it. There was another place that would've done it for $185, but we were looking at at least three to five days, and I'd rather pay more for the quick turnaround. The dude at the shop said he might even be able to get it back to me by 7 tonight, but since I'll be in Manchester (New Hampshire) rockin' out to Coldplay (yay yay yay!) starting at 7:30, I told him I'd just get it tomorrow.

I wanted to listen to Coldplay nonstop this weekeend, so I could get myself even more revved up, but this shit with the computer pissed me off so much that I had to rock out to Green Day instead. Green Day's music is nice and angry. Dude, if I could choose who I could be in another life, I'd want to be either (1) a big black woman who can totally belt out the gospel music or (2) Billie Joe Armstrong.

But hot shit, Coldplay, yo!!!
Tags: coldplay, good hair day, green day, happiness, technology

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