Miss Sophia (miss_sophia) wrote,
Miss Sophia

Technology hates me :(

So one of the worst things EVER is about to happen: I shall have to relinquish my laptop for an unspecified period of time that will most likely be counted in days, if not weeks.


Apparently, I have tripped over the power cord one too many times,* and now the DC inboard (look at me, throwing around jargon), which is some little piece thingamajiggy in the hole where you plug in the power cord (so much for the jargon), has a loose piece and is shorting out my power cord.

*For someone who's not the biggest Tonks fan, I sure am a whole lot like her....

The translation? My laptop's battery will not charge when I plug it in, and so I have to get it fixed. And that means giving it up. The Apple Store said they could do it, but it would take one to two weeks and cost me upwards of $600 (are you fucking kidding me?!), so they gave me information for three local Apple-certified retailers who could do it for around $200 and might take less time.

This is seriously one of my worst nightmares. My laptop is, like, 87% of my life. (Yes, that makes me extremely pathetic; go ahead and call me out for it. I don't care.) I bring it to my grad school classes and take notes on it. I'm not used to taking notes by hand anymore. I barely remember how to sign my own name. And I'm so anal about my stuff that I'm going to end up typing up the handrwitten notes when I get the computer back...which means more time wasted when I could have been wasting it fucking around here on LJ.

We have a desktop computer, and luckily I figured out how to transfer my grad school and HP stuff onto it, as well as my Firefox bookmarks and my icons (because icons are the fruit of life), so I'm not completely back in the Stone Age (aka the 1990s). But now my husband and I are going to have to fight for use of the computer (although he said I could pretty much have it when I want it ). And I just feel so naked without all of my stuff (especially my fan fic) at my fingertips.

This sucks major ass.

On top of it all, iMovie really hates me. My husband pulled the entire GoF DVD into an mp4 file on the desktop computer and then removed the audio. But when I started working on a fan film from that file, iMovie kept crashing. I figured it's because I was working with the entire 2-hr-36-min movie, so I tried to snip it into several files, but it didn't work. I think we're still missing a crucial piece of the process of going from DVD to iMovie, although my husband does deserve an A++ for effort. I'm seriously toying with the idea of booking a tutorial appointment over at the Apple Store. My creative juices have been raging since October, and who am I to deny them an outlet? If they wanna make movies, then I guess I have to do everything I can to satisfy them.

If anyone has any insight into my iMovie problems, I'll fangirl you intensely.
Tags: fan film, i suck, technology


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