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The trees are a-bloomin', y'all!

Spring is teh yays. Usually, it tends to skip over Boston. Oh, we might get teased with a few days of 60-degree weather in early March, but then it typically goes back to rain, cold, and gloom...and then suddenly, in mid-June, it's freakin' burning hot.

This year has been quite atypical. First, we had a really mild winter. Two years ago, when I moved here, the winter was a BITCH. There was one week when the nighttime temperature was -11 degrees (Farenheit), with wind chill of -38 degrees. That was the winter I fell and broke my wrist while walking my dog. Not good times. Last year was pretty damn cold, although not as cold as the year before, but what it lacked in freezingness it made up in snow: We had a foot-high permafrost for like two months. This year? Relatively mild winter. No week of so-freezing-you-wish-you-were-dead temperatures. Not a whole lot of snow. And while we did get a few nice-weather teasers in early March, we've had great weather for the past week. Today was even in the high 60s! Next week won't be quite as warm, but with highs in the mid-50s, I'll sure as hell take it! After all, this is the city where snow in the middle of April isn't a huge shocker.

And as I was walking home, I saw a tree that had flowered. Flowers on a tree! On the last day of March! This is typical for Washington, DC, but not for Boston.

*sigh of happiness*

All right, back to work on my Sirius/Sirius/Sirius fic. I'm not sure what to make of my second stab at a crack!fic. Some parts are cracky, while other parts are fairly normal (as in, the writing style and events are not all wacked out and crazy, but more like the writing you'd see in a genfic or a pairings fic). The chan issue is still bugging me, but I think I've gotten around it by making Sirius I (Phineas Nigellus's son) a very mature eight-year-old. It sort of works with something that's mentioned earlier in the fic.

Well, I've got about five hours to complete this sucker, so I'm off to work on it now.
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