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26 March 2006 @ 08:28 pm
HP sorting and character meme  

Harry Potter Sorting

I took a couple of the lamer HP sorting quizzes earlier today. These weren't the lamest of the lame--you know, the ones that ask which animal you like better, what your favorite Hogwarts class is, which movie you like better, etc.--but were still kind of cheesy. They asked stuff like, "If you found a wallet on the street with no ID and a little bit of money, what would you do?" And then the answers were all pretty much things I wouldn't really do, so I had to pick the least bad choice. (Something is dreadfully wrong with "least bad," but I can't be arsed to figure out just what that is.)

The lame quizzes kept sticking me in Hufflepuff. I'm pretty sure I'm no Hufflepuff. I have no problem with Hufflepuff. I just don't think I am a Hufflepuff. I'm way too stubborn, independent minded, and analytical for Hufflepuff. If anything, I think I'm more of a Slytherin than a Hufflepuff. Do you think I should keep ending every sentence in this paragraph with Hufflepuff?

Then I took this test that's actually for scientific research. I suspect they put a Harry Potter Sorting spin on it to get people to spend time being guinea pigs for them. It had over 100 statements, and you had to rate each statement on a scale from 1 to 9, where 1 indicates that the statement is extremely uncharacteristic for you and 9 indicates that it's extremely characteristic for you. So, very comprehensive and scientific. Me likey.

The results?

Gryffindor: 98% compatibility
Ravenclaw: 89% compatibility
Hufflepuff: 90% compatibility
Slytherin: 29% compatibility

So mainly, I'm not a Slytherin. I'm a bit surprised, though, that Gryffindor came out on top. I really thought Ravenclaw might win out. Not that I was "pushing" Ravenclaw (OMG SQUIB!)--nothing of the sort. But I was just kind of shocked that Gryffindor had such a strong result. Also, I am a bit surprised at the low compatibility with Slytherin, because I can be pretty damn ruthless at times.

Well, cool. Unless someone can suggest a better quiz, I declare myself a Gryffindor.

Harry Potter Character Meme

Add yourself, comment for the people on your flist (me me me!), and pimp dem hoez!
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kressel: impatienskressel on March 28th, 2006 03:07 am (UTC)
I love your Neville icons!