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OK, all of the hell I went through with the computer today was SOOOO FUCKING WORTH IT. iMovie is so much fun, and I can say that, after having been at it for all of less than half an hour, I absolutely love making fan films!

I have two that I'm dying to make from GoF footage--one a Cedric tribute to "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)", by Green Day, and the other a celebration of hot HP men (especially those who fall from trees) to "It's Raining Men", by The Weather Girls.

ZOMG noe wun better be stealin my ideas LULZ!!!1!!!87!1

But for now, because all I have loaded is the first 9 minutes of PoA, I'm putting together a film version of my ongoing WIP fan fic "Yellow" (to Coldplay's "Yellow", of course). It's just a start to the film; I need all of the PoA footage to complete it. But it's making me happy and helping me learn about how to use iMovie.

BTW, if anyone's wondering what's the deal with "Yellow", I'm still working on it; it's still very much my heart and soul. But between going to the UK, all this LJ/Fandom_Wank/other fandom procrastination, grad school (yes, I do occasionally do some grad school work..."occasionally" being the operative word here), crack!fic plot bunnies, and a Sirius/Sirius/Sirius crack!fic one-shot I'm working on for a challenge on the black_family comm, I've been distracted. And I think that's a good thing, actually, because I think I needed to step back from "Yellow" for a bit. The Black family tree information from February threw a few wrenches into the works for my Chapter 4, and I think it'll have been helpful for me to approach it with a fresh eye when I get back to it sometime next week. In addition, I hit kind of a block during a conversation between Sirius and Bellatrix, and again, I think I needed some distance in order to get a new perspective.

Anyway, yay for iMovie! And yay for me!
Tags: fan film, harry potter, sirius black, technology, yellow

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