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As if I needed more procrastination activities...

Yesterday heralded in three events that I predict shall cause my already dire procrastination complex to take a huge turn for the worst: (1) I watched all of Arabella and Moey's fan films over at discobat, (2) my friend showed me some of the basics of using iMovie, and (3) I got my GoF DVD (thank you, Mom!). This is a horribly lethal combination. There is at least an 87% chance of extreme procrastination for the next few months the rest of my life.

In other news, I think I finally caught up on sleep. It sucks to have woken up at noon, though. I hate sleeping through large chunks of the day. But I suppose it was necessary to make up for having barely slept over the previous three nights. Damn you, sleep, why must I waste perfectly good living time on you???
Tags: discobat, fan film, harry potter, procrastination, sleep is for the weak

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