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What the fuckity fuck, LJ?!

So I had a lot of free time today when I should've been studying, but totally wasn't, and I thought it would be a good time to read new entries from y'all wonderful people on my flist. But every time I opened my Friends page, there was nothing new. It was like this from like just after noon or so until now (midnight). And I was like, WTF, why the hell is LJ so dead today? Are all the people on my flist out on the town or something?

Just now, I had a little hunch, and so after I loaded my Friends page again to find that there was STILL nothing new, I hit the Refresh button on my browser's toolbar. And voila, tons of new entries. o_O

WTF, LJ? Why did I have to refresh in order to see the new stuff??? Or maybe it's my browser? Either way, I'm extremely annoyed and wish I had thought of this earlier.


*off to read flist*
Tags: flist, lj suckitude, technology
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