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21 March 2006 @ 10:41 am
Wishing I were still in London...  
So returning from the UK sucked major ass. First of all, I completely fell in love with the place, especially London, and pretty much had zero desire to come back here and resume my normal life. Second, I came back Sunday night, only to have to take a midterm Monday at 9 am (the prof for that class is like the nicest guy in the world, but he's got to have a cruel streak hidden somewhere; who the hell schedules a midterm for 9 am of the Monday right after spring break?!) and another midterm on Tuesday afternoon (which I totally failed, I know it). Then I had a small project/presentation due Wednesday. Funny story about that one: The project was to tape two talk show episodes, show snippets to the class, and then critique them. Let's just say that my inner fangirl couldn't contain itself, and I ended up showing clips (saved on my computer) of Dan Radcliffe on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and Regis and Kelly and contrasting them with Ricky Gervais's recent appearance on Letterman. Yeah, I suck. And my prof knows all about my HP obsession, so I pretty much let him laugh at me and then carried on with the presentation. Nah, he's a really cool guy, and I think he actually respects my HP fanaticism. *fangirls the prof*

After slogging through all that mess, my mojo was all depleted, and I had just enough left to sit around contributing to the mockery on Fandom_Wank (and now hp_cornfield). Good times, good times.

Anyway, I owe a bunch of people comments, and I'm really behind on reading all y'all flist people's stuff, so forgive me as I play catchup, OK?

Speaking of flist, kressel, I had a dream about you last night! It had something to do with me visiting your house and you teaching me something about Judaism. And then you told me how to walk to the subway from your place. Then later, I had a dream about how I exposed an American Idol contestant or maybe an overrated American pop singer who had ripped off a song by Rufus Wainwright ("Poses", I think). At first, I had thought it was a Johnny Depp song (WTF?!), but then I realized it was a Rufus song. And the night before last, I had a really wacked-out dream about Sean Penn. Trust me, you don't want to know.

Sometime this week, I will post a travel blog with lots of photos and my usual banter, so y'all can get to see the awesomeness that was my trip to London and Edinburgh. I'm gonna try to upload the photos to my mom's Web site tonight so I can post them here directly. Yes, my mom has a real Web site and I don't. And I'm the one who went to a special high school for technology dorks. I actually am really technology retarded these days. But I can write you a great Pascal program, dammit! (And let's not even get into Turtle LOGO or BASIC, man!)

Before that, though, there's some other randomness I need to post. It will appear shortly.

Cheers, love! (I know, I know, I'm American, and I can't say that without sounding like a total tool. But maybe it's OK when it's just written? )
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Miss Sophia: R/H - actually read the books (Puffs)miss_sophia on March 22nd, 2006 03:04 am (UTC)
I'm really sorry I missed you, too! It sounds like y'alls had a downright party while I was getting harrassed by crazy Scottish nerds (that story shall be told in my travelogue) in Edinburgh.

Oh, and I saw the comment in your LJ about my HermionePotter fic. *blushes* Thank you thank you thank you, and no, I must admit that I could probably never get sick of hearing nice things about my CRAXheadedness. Does that make me a crack whore?

I SO agree with you about everything you wrote re: SQ and HP. Both have really changed my life in too many ways to fully describe. I'm still learning about some of those ways now. And wasn't it great to meet Arabella? She really ROX.

Well, hopefully we can meet when I'm next in London, which will hopefully be sometime this summer or fall. (And since I plan at some point to move my ass to London permanently, since your city is the absolute best place EVAH, there will be plenty of time then as well. )I highly recommend Los Locos in Covent Garden, as it is the home of some really awesome drinks.

Oh, and major *squee* at your London-accent "love" thing!
ex_jo_blogs on March 22nd, 2006 04:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah - meeting Arabella was amazing. She told us what a fab time she had with you and your friends drinking cocktails!

You do crack brilliantly - you have introduced me to its joys! Haven't written any myself, mind - too busy with my magnum Neville opus. Ch3 of Yellow is on my list of things to read - so much fic, so little time ...

Edinburgh's ok but nowhere compares to the Big Smoke IMHO - look forward to meeting you when / if you get over here again *fingers crossed* :D
Miss Sophia: HPatToD - Dr. Who killed Snarry!miss_sophia on March 23rd, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)
Oh man, that night out with Arabella was great. Did she tell you how much we spent on drinks alone? It was something like £75! For four people! But it was well worth it!

Hahaha, thanks about the crack. Isn't crack wonderful? I actually didn't realize I was all about the crack until it struck me that many of the fics I was bookmarking were total nutjob pieces (or R/S, of course). As that weird floaty dude said in Mary Poppins, "I love to laugh, ha ha ha ha!"

Oh, I so hear ya about "so much fic, so little time." There are so many fics I want to read (e.g., so many fics I've bookmarked, friends' fics :), old-school fandom fics), but grad school projects and extreme procrastination here and on F_W always seem to get in the way.

Speaking of Chapter 3 of "Yellow," I don't recall if I had already mentioned this to you or not, but your advice about trying to scale back overly descriptive sections was really helpful to me. I actually rewrote a good chunk of the first part of it because I realized that I was just giving way too much, and it wasn't that interesting. It's tough, because I want to establish the situation and how describe how Sirius manages to surmount the various obstacles in his way, but at the same time, not ALL the details are necessary. The chapter still ended up being long, but what you had said really helped me pare down some unnecessary parts. :)

What's the Big Smoke?

Oh, I DEFINITELY will be over there again. It's looking more like the fall now, but it WILL happen. I seriously want to move there forever!
ex_jo_blogs on March 23rd, 2006 10:21 am (UTC)
LOVE your icon!
It's the old-school ones I feel most guilty about not having read. My strategy is just have one BIG story that I'm reading / reviewing at a time. At the moment, it's Speak with the Dead by Anya. I figure that way I'll get to read everything on my list eventually - except of course the list gets longer faster than I can read...

Oh - the Big Smoke - old-fashioned term for London before the Clean Air Act in the 50s. People used to die all the time from the pollution from all the domestic and factory chimneys. Here endeth the history leson ;)

Glad my review was useful. I think it was the first fic I ever reviewed! I'm glad I didn't come across like an know-it-all upstart :D