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London Effing Rox!

OK, whoever said that the food in London sucks needs to be taken out and flogged. We went to an Italian restaurant near Hyde Park yesterday (didn't even realize it was Hyde Park we had walked through until we consulted our guidebooks at the restaurant!) and had the BEST CALIMARI EVVVVEEEERRRR and this amazing chocolate mousse truffle cake that was better than the best dessert I've had in any of the posh restaurants I've been to in my life! And while the meal was overall expensive by American standards, it certainly wasn't crazy pricey like food at a fancy-shmancy place.

Other impressions...London is so diverse--way more than any of the cities I've been to in the U.S., including Boston, New York, LA, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. There are so many people of more varieties than you'd find in the U.S. I'm already completely in love with this place and planning how I can move there!

Unfortunately, we haven't got out as much as I would have liked. Yesterday was our first full day here, and we were so jet lagged (in addition to sleep deprived from all the last-minute frenzy that pre-empted sleep) that we slept until 1:30 pm. That just sucks. After getting up and out, we walked all around Notting Hill, Hyde Park (stumbled across Kensington Apartments--something like that--basically, Princess Di's home), embassy row, and Kensington (I think). We came back to our hotel around 9 or 10 and made the mistake of waiting until midnight to go pubbing. Yeah. Apparently, stuff closes really early here, especially on Sundays. So we basically took a walk around the block, saw everything was closed, and then took the walk of shame and embarrassment back to the hotel.

Today's been a bit of a wash, too, because my best friend (I'm here in London with her and her sister) is not feeling well. She's always had sinus and throat problems, and they're currently acting up, so she's pretty much been sleeping all day. She told her sister and me to go into the city without her, but that's no fun. So I've just been sitting in our hotel room all day listening to Rufus Wainwright and Green Day (not too bad ways to pass the time!) and waiting...and waiting.... She's feeling a bit better now, though, so I'm killing some time on the Internet, and then hopefully we can blow this joint and head into the center of the city (and maybe meet up with Arabella from Sugar Quill?). I'm itching to get out!!!

This keyboard sucks ass. The keys are so hard to press! This hotel needs to swap it out before I beat the crap out of it. The other thing that sucks is that it's in the lobby, which is a smoking area. This is one aspect that's tough on Americans. I'm so used to smoking not being allowed indoors, so it's kind of nasty to be permanently reeking of smoke because it IS allowed indoors here.

All right, I'm gonna run so I can do some quick comments and then hopefully force my friend out of bed. (Am I a bad friend?!) I wanna get out into the city, man!
Aside from these little things, though, London (or at least what I've seen so far--hurry up and get out of bed, A-!!!) rocks my world. Seriously, I need to find a way to move here for a while.
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