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03 March 2006 @ 12:44 am
OMG, I'm gonna see Rufus!  
I think I might be slightly crazy. So it's only been what, like, four days since I discovered that I am completely in love with Rufus Wainwright? And three days since I bought ALL of his stuff off iTunes?

Yeah. So I just bought tickets to his June 15 Carnegie Hall concert. I don't even live in New York! (Well, Boston's just a four-hour drive away, and I've driven down there to see Broadway shows before, so it's not all THAT unheard of, but still....) And I didn't even ask my husband if he was down with it! He's totally asleep next to me, and I didn't want to wake him up, because he barely slept last night (such is the life of a doctor...). So I decided, you know what? Screw it. I'm buying these tickets. Hopefully, he can come with me. If not, then I shall go down there myself (it's only like $15 or $20 on the Chinatown or Greyhound bus) and attend the concert with one of my friends who lives in New York, or maybe I'll drag a Boston friend down with me.

Wow, though, this was TOTALLY an impulse buy. It was just yesterday that I signed up for e-mail updates, and a few hours after I signed up, I got an e-mail saying that a second concert was added because the first one was sold out, and they'd go on sale on March 2, but only members of his fan club/newsletter thingy would have that information.

I actually pretty much freaked out when I saw an e-mail in my Inbox from Rufus Wainwright! I was like, OMG, he--he wrote to me?! And then I read it and was like...oh, right...e-mail updates...right. Time for a cold shower. It was almost the same as the couple of times I got an e-mail saying that I had received a private message on Sugar Quill from Sirius Black. Please tell me I'm not the most pathetic fangirly fangirl that ever fangirled! Please tell me that you all understand this, because my RL friends think I'm starting to lose it!!!

So anyway, all day, I was kind of toying with the idea of buying tickets, but was like, "Nah, this is CRAZY. And he's singing Judy Garland songs, which I'm really not all that into." But I've been listening to his stuff all day and all night (I'm currently grading undergrad midterms, and his stuff is a nice soundtrack to it all), and all of a sudden, I felt this weird energy surge and was like, "Fuck it, I'm buying tickets." I mean, aside from being a complete Adonis (seriously, I think that, for me, in terms of looks, he is THE IDEAL MAN), he is an AMAZING artist. I love his songs, his lyrics, his voice, his emotion, his expression.... And it's weird, because I wouldn't describe his style of music as something I would have tended towards. Some of it leans towards folk. Other songs lean towards country. And some of it simply can't be classified. But it all fucking rocks, and I am completely in love and inspired.

So yes, crazy impulsive purchase. I wonder what my husband will think! I wonder if he'll want to go with me (or if he'll be able to--his schedule can be unpredictable). But you know what? I SOOOOO don't regret it. I think it'll be an amazing concert. Rufus has already made me like all sorts of music that I didn't think I was into, and he'll be backed by something like a 40-piece orchestra. It's a really special opportunity. And I'm so glad I'll be there!

I'm really glad I signed up for that newsletter, actually, because the best available seats at this point are the next-to-cheapest level, and the tickets haven't been on sale for 24 hours yet! So the general public is basically going to miss out. I'm kind of glad I was forced into those seats, though. I was going to purchase one level higher, and actually, if the best seats in the house had been available, I might even have been tempted to buy them. I tend to get like that. So it's a good thing my impulses were contained at least somewhat.

I wonder if he meets people after his shows. Harry Connick, Jr., does that, and it's really cool to be able to talk to the artist afterwards, albeit somewhat awkward at times, especially if the artist is knackered after the performance.

Hey tipsytoe, you want the second ticket? ;) Actually, seriously, it's yours if you want it (I really don't think my husband would care either way), but somehow I doubt you'll be coming all the way from the other side of the world for this, as much as I know you'd love to. Well, my offer stands if you're interested, since you're my fangirl twin. :)
Current Mood: impulsive and fangirly
Current Music: Rufus Wainwright, EVERYTHING!
pick poppies: Rufus / Oh what a worldtipsytoe on March 3rd, 2006 08:41 am (UTC)
OMG, you are the ultimate fangirl, I love it. :D

God, I wish I have the money to even fly to New York. Yes, it is halfway across the globe. If I have over 1K with me, I will definitely join you because Rufus + Judy Garland = LOVE.

THIS IS NOT FAIR. We should totally go together but arrrgh. No, my dear, you enjoy the show and squee in delight for me. RECORD, take pictures, whatever. Make that concrete evidence in history of all Rufus delights, post it on lj so I can *steal* and show off to my (non-Rufus educated) friends.

Oh man, you are OMGSOLUCKY. Is there a way you can like, call me and let me hear his performance? Oh. Lucky, lucky. I can't even hate you for being so lucky because RUFUS IS TOO MUCH LOVE.


Okay. I'm calm. Yes.

It was almost the same as the couple of times I got an e-mail saying that I had received a private message on Sugar Quill from Sirius Black.

Dude. I got that exact feeling when I got a private message from George Weasley. Hehehe. *blush*

We are such fangirls. Siriusly.

Miss Sophia: Rufus - *sigh*miss_sophia on March 5th, 2006 12:30 am (UTC)
I am a total fangirl. It's all the Internet's fault! Well, and Rufus's fault...for being so damn hot and so damn brilliant.

I flew from Boston to England today (yay, I'm in London for the first time!), and on the plane, I listened to his stuff nonstop, and it was so WONDERFUL.

You know what's lame? My best friend, my husband, and my good friend from school all think Rufus is either just so-so or even ugly! WTF, right?!?! No taste. The guy's a fucking Adonis. He now graces the wallpaper of my laptop.

And the thing is, he's so lovely to look at, but more than that, his music is so beautiful, and his singing is so intense, so passionate.

Aw, I wish you could come with me. We could fangirl until we melted into piles of goo. Somehow, I doubt I can bring a recording device into the theatre, but I'll see if they're going to sell any recordings or anything. I'll get you some kind of souvenir. :)

So are you a George fangirl, then? ;)
Heather: HP - H/G Sepia by sunlitdaysprplhez8 on March 3rd, 2006 01:27 pm (UTC)
I'm giggling. Only because I sooooooooooooooooooo know what you are talking about! Fangirling is way too fun and all the RL peeps who do not get it..well, stick your tongue out at them and inform them that your mum says they are not nice and you cannot play with them anymore.


And yeah, PM's from Sirius are always, always a wonderful thing.

:wub: and *hugs*


P.S. *smaxshead* Congrats on your tickets!!! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful evening!!!
Miss Sophia: Rufus - *sigh*miss_sophia on March 5th, 2006 12:32 am (UTC)
People in RL apparently suck. Well, thank you for validating my fangirlyness. I have no plans to give it up anytime in the near or long-term future. :D

*sigh* Sirius Rufus Dan Radcliffe *sigh*